sobota, 24 grudnia 2011

Gold Xmas

24th window in an advent calendar is opened
so it means:
Bonjour Christmas ^^

Instead of listening to carols
I listen to Lareine's songs.
They have this warm and bright atmosphere
of Christmas.
A little sentimental, sad, lonely
but soothing as well.

I listened countless time to 
This song was written specially
for Christmas
and Kamijo sang it during Xmas event this year^^

My translation:
Lovers adorned by every wish admire me
Yes, my name is “Christmas Tree”
I can not look back
Merry Christmas to the smiling face 
which was not showed to me

Ah white angels are gathering
singing songs
this evening which lovely couples
will you bring here?

December's sunbeams streaming through leaves
uder the street's light... where you seemed happy
changing a street they went away without a meeting
without calling my name 
(this person name- he sings it differently than 
it is officially written in lyrics)

Surely you have already forgotten?
Here this day...
I said....
"Wipe your tears... beacuse whole time I will wait here
Nee show me your smile"

December's glitters
A town entangles in a light's ivy is shining
White sigh...dissapeared without turning into 
"a mist which hides a pain" 

I send a necklace of snow to all lovers 
from Christmas tree which can’t shine
only a pain is left but
Merry Christmas to the smiling face which I could not see

So now my Christmass Tree^^
It is all decorated in gold colour^^
(I am really crazy about gold lately...)

And gold angel
from my friend^^

And my doggy^^

Merry Xmas for all of you^^

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