czwartek, 8 grudnia 2011

JLPT and bed-time cartoons

I somehow forgot to make a post about my 
trip to Warsaw for JLPT exam.
So let's write it now^^ 
All people from my Japanese school traveled together
so it was almost like a school trip
(the atmosphere from primary school).
Checking attendance list, defined free time,
travelling in one compartment
and even a package for everyone
from our sensei.
Everybody received pencils for the exam,
chocolate bar and a badge XD

I definitely like travelling like that.
Somebody does everything for me 
and I can feel like a carefree child
(well I am always like that during travelling,
so not a big difference XD )

Exam was really easy.
Much more easier than I expected,
but I could not concentrate myself...
First part (vocabulary and kanji) was okay,
but on the second one with grammar and reading
I was distracted by my long necklace 
that was hitting a table making noise.
Well. I guess it is all the effect of sleeping 2 hours...
The train was so early in the morning T.T

Never mind. 
It was my first exam so I will forgive myself that 
it was not that perfect.

Take a look what I have found next to the tram station!
The shop with Polish bed-time cartoons stuff! 
I have seen the shop like that for the first time <3
(sorry for a mobile quality)

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