niedziela, 29 lipca 2012

Louis Icart- 'Parisian dreamer'

Today I will post some art pieces created 
by so called 'Parisian dreamer'- Louis Icart. 
Even if they are in Art Deco style
the feel and the atmosphere of rococo is very strong in them.
All his graphics and paintings show
women, sometimes assisted by animals, flowers
But like in rococo this is a woman who is here a queen.
She can be deep in her thoughts or in a play.
She is simply immersed in her fabulous world.
Some depictions can seem erotic,
but all this women, even when charming men,
are still independent, fashionable and dreamy. 
Exactly like on my beloved Watteau or Fragonard's canvases. 

czwartek, 26 lipca 2012

An "old photo" and some new stuff

Yesterday I went to drink a tea with Lolita
from different city who was visiting Cracow^^
Such a nice tea house,
but a light was bad and the quality of a photo sucks
so I turned it into an old one XD

I like how the photo looks like
"I will show you the photo of my grandma when she was young" XD

Here is a better pic to show my outfit.

Now time for new things^^

The first- the cutest birthday present from my friend^^
Bunny moist mist ^^
I can not wait to use it ^^

And some other stuff.
Cameo bracelet
(after reading Blackwood Farm
I am always in a mood for cameo)


Chanel Platinum Egoiste deodorant
(well it landed in my hands by chance XD)

And Korean towel.

Anybody knows Korean 
and can translate it for me?

poniedziałek, 23 lipca 2012


Lately I watch so many movies
that it is difficult to write about all of them,
but I think that this one is worth attention
as I know some of my friends are BL movies' fans.
Maurice (1987) by James Ivory is a story situated in England 
at the beginning of XX century.
It is not only about a homosexual love
(which was a crime at this time),
but also about social classes
which determine people's life.
Maurice - delicate, a little idealized movie
with a beautiful ending
 shows a lot of different images
which built together 
the one coherent painting
about human limits and our fight with them.

PS I read that it is really loved by Japanese
yaoi fangirls XD

niedziela, 22 lipca 2012

Kitty again

Long time no Kitty- chan spam...
So here is what my mommy brought me home today^^

The Kitty chocolate bar <3

And a biiig towel...
(Tracy for a size comparison)

sobota, 21 lipca 2012

Jrock party (with a tea)

Today was a j-rock party
so I put on more punkish dress, 
but combined it with roses
on my headdress and socks.
(I was just about to sell this dress,
but seems like I am not able to depart with it-
in fact this is my first Loli dress).

Wearing the wig after a while
made me so happy^^
And I made those small buns on it^^

I ordered a tea in the club^^
A barman face expression was priceless XD
And he even gave me heart-shaped sugar ^^
(Yes I love doing such stupid things XD)

Btw my current mood ...


piątek, 20 lipca 2012

Kamijo's birthday without roses

I have never imagined that celebrating Kamijo's birthday
will be so sad this year.....
I spent all morning crying,
but let's not talk about it. 
It is not that Versailles goes on hiatus...
it is just that Lestat turned Kamijo into a vampire
and he can not continue his career...
Well let's wait for a new volume-
"The Vampire Kamijo".
The aesthetic revolution has just begun XD
(not joking I am really going to write it.. XD)

Just the method to ease my tension...

As the way of a rebellion
NO ROSES during Kamijo's birthday this year.
No roses on cakes. No rose chocolate. No rose ice cream or whatever.
You know a book NO BEARS?

Lladia wants to tell you a story. A story with absolutely no roses. 
You don t need roses. 
You need pretty things like fairies and princesses and castles. 
And maybe funny things and exciting things but definitely no roses.

Versailles why you do this to me?
I do not want to try to understand them.
My only (childish) reaction is NO!!!

I wore the same dress today
as on the Versailles concert.
With my new hat^^

Imaginary also wore her outfit from the concert....
And we did not even plan that.

The best way of a rebellion?
Do something so unaesthetic on Kamijo's birthday
as going to KFC.
(btw it was my first time to order something there XD).
Yes Kamijo, NO ROSES this year ....

środa, 18 lipca 2012

Dangerous Liaisons

Such movies should not exist.
After them I have to hurt for at least one week -
why was not I born in XVIII O_o
The plot is not important, but inferiors and clothes *.*
(generally I was a little disappointed,
because as for me the main character was not charming at all...
and without being charmed I can not feel all story deeply inside me)

wtorek, 17 lipca 2012

ACE concert

Finally I will try to write down some memories 
from the ACE concert. 
Well, in the beginning I have to admit that 
my believe in the power of concerts is back.
After D I was a little dissapointed. 
Not because the concert was bad (it was exactly the other way!), 
but because I was not able to fully enjoy it. 
I mean I enjoyed it on a musical and aesthetic level, 
but I did not feel this special and unique emotions 
which used to transport me somewhere far during gigs. 
It was just a crisis, I suppose. Seems I am back in my wonderland.

Maybe I will skip writing about problems with finding the club.... 
and the fact that we got into the wrong bus twice... 
it is nothing new for me and Imaginary when travelling together after all XD
We finally reached it and just this single thing matters XD
We still had a lot of time to drink something refreshing and to talk with friends 
(oh my dears this is always so amazing to meet all of you before concerts <333). 
We also took a mutual photo for Kamijo's birthday.

I was really excited all the time, but I was not in a mood to fight for a place. 
I just sat on a side fanning myself and waited for the concert to start. 
No. Never dying in a crowd again. 
As the beginning was getting closer and closer I was loosing my enthusiasm. 
Well.... worst thing was to start talking about Lestat just before the start.... 
we have somehow imagined Lestat sitting inside and asking to fan himself... 
Lestat is such an obsession.... 
Anyway the concert has started and I still thought about Lestat. 
And then... then suddenly I entered Wonderland I was afraid I had already lost!!! 
Everything dissapeared. Lestat has dissapeared. People around. 
My empty belly. The poster of Iron Maiden that was hanging there. 
When they ware playing Masquerade I just thought: 
yes, my masquerade has really started.
It was a pure fun. No obsession. No holy adoration. 
No desperare need to touch them (well... but still I touched Rookie's hand XD) 
or tears. Nothing like that.
 Just a pure fun. Without any uneeded luggage.
I was just flowing with a crowd. Screaming, jumping and headbanging. 
Just this simple while. 
Or a couple of whiles.
Just a pity that they did not give us more whiles. The concert was definitely too short. 
And this is my only regret.

After the gig it was a signing session so 
I had to try to make myself look like a proper human again. 
I was still shocked that my hair looked quite bearable 
(amount of things I put on them really worked). 
I though that it was a good idea to resign from a full loli outfit and a wig 
to have more freedom. 
As emotions were cooling down I started to feel a terrible headache, 
but still I went to take signs from them or rather one big sign … haha XD look XD

Then it finally turned out that I will have an interview with them. 
Interviews after concerts aren't definitely a good idea. 
I felt dizzy and was afraid that it will be a big fail XD
When we were waiting on a backstage a bodyguard from the club said to us 
„oh, girls could you give them finally some peace.” XD 
He was quite shocked when we said that 
we are going to make an interview with them XD 
Well I know we don't look like journalists, 
but still being taken as crazy fangirls who invaded backstage was funny.
We went into a room full of stuff and luggages lying everywhere and 
this informal atmosphere made me relax or rather forget about a headache. 
Guys were really nice and even that I was asking in Japanese 
they were doing their best to answer in English 
(and they were tired after the concert!). 
Finally we were talking in Japanese- English mix, 
helping each other to find a proper word and this was really cute.
The end was really really funny and 
the biggg secret of ACE was reaveled so make sure to read an interview!
Well it was just a joke, but still the interview is worth reading XD
You will not what I mean. 

Oh and they said that my name is pretty. 
Seems like I am starting to like it more and more XD 

Our pic ^^

Well  on a concert time I suspend all my values -
so my meal and coffee around midnight XD

Of course since next day I came back to a diet ! 

Here was Claudia, 
after her travel to the pirate world ^^

PS Good advice for concerts: remember to take your fan! It is like a salvation! 
Since now it will be my regular equipment 
together with rocking horse shoes, a lollipop and bubbles !!!!

sobota, 14 lipca 2012

Welcome home Camomille

Exactly as in the title:
whenever I buy an old doll
I have a feeling that she has finally found her real home.
Buying old dolls is so fascinating -
I have no idea about their past.
Just guessing is left and creating maaany stories,
but the truth will never be revealed 
Part of them will stay a secret
no matter what.
It separates me from them,
but also enlivens them.

So Camomille
(you can call her Mill)
is finally with me^^

Most gorgeous hair <3

And more pics

piątek, 13 lipca 2012

Unicorn puke !

Today me and my friends ate Unicorn puke !
Waffles with peanut butter, wine gums, whipped cream
and whatever sweet is around XD
We called it Unicorn puke!

This is the effect 

My outfit to match it XD

Rainbow XD