piątek, 20 lipca 2012

Kamijo's birthday without roses

I have never imagined that celebrating Kamijo's birthday
will be so sad this year.....
I spent all morning crying,
but let's not talk about it. 
It is not that Versailles goes on hiatus...
it is just that Lestat turned Kamijo into a vampire
and he can not continue his career...
Well let's wait for a new volume-
"The Vampire Kamijo".
The aesthetic revolution has just begun XD
(not joking I am really going to write it.. XD)

Just the method to ease my tension...

As the way of a rebellion
NO ROSES during Kamijo's birthday this year.
No roses on cakes. No rose chocolate. No rose ice cream or whatever.
You know a book NO BEARS?

Lladia wants to tell you a story. A story with absolutely no roses. 
You don t need roses. 
You need pretty things like fairies and princesses and castles. 
And maybe funny things and exciting things but definitely no roses.

Versailles why you do this to me?
I do not want to try to understand them.
My only (childish) reaction is NO!!!

I wore the same dress today
as on the Versailles concert.
With my new hat^^

Imaginary also wore her outfit from the concert....
And we did not even plan that.

The best way of a rebellion?
Do something so unaesthetic on Kamijo's birthday
as going to KFC.
(btw it was my first time to order something there XD).
Yes Kamijo, NO ROSES this year ....

2 komentarze:

  1. Oni tylko zawiesili swą działalność,nie zakończyli.Mam nadzieję,że powrócą.

  2. Owszem, ale wiem jak często takie przerwy się konczą.... Równie często zawieszenie jest po prostu eufemizmem....