piątek, 6 lipca 2012

Late birthday present

Lucky, lucky, lucky.
I settled everything and I am able to go to Ace concert!
So happy <3 Need the concert so much <333

And my birthday present arrived today.
I had birthday on 9th June, but this is 
what happens when you choose your present on taobao.
But it was definitely worth waiting!
All accessories are from fox cherry.
if you do not know it yet. 
All things are really in a good quality
and have lots of details <333
Ribbons and laces are perfectly fine.

So let's take a look^^


A bow


It is ballerina here <3

A beret

And a main thing.
Generally I wanted this hat in a first place.
The rest was added later.

And I also received Anna House blouse ^^

Feel *accomplished*

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