niedziela, 8 lipca 2012

In the reign of Knick- Knacks

Today I went to a museum
to see an exhibition titled In the reign of Knick- Knacks.

When I read about it I immediately decided to see it.
I am definitely in the reign of knick- knacks.
I can just got crazy when I see a beautiful object
and things which bear a symbolic meaning will be held by me forever.
I am not able to throw anything away
and this is the reason why my room is so full of everything XD
Like a lumber- room XD
Well it just reminded me that Louis said once to Lestat
that if he doesn't stop collecting more and more things
he will turn an eternity into a lumber- room.
I do not have an eternity, but I will probably
turn the time I have XD
Sorry for my babbling....

I wore full sweet again^^
After a while it feels really good^^

And many pics taken on the exhibition ^^

And for the end:

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  1. kocham Twoją sukienkę *_* i jak zwykle ślicznie wyglądasz, jesteś chyba najpiękniejszą sweet lolitą w Polsce ^_^