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Phantom of the Opera

Yesterday I put all D's PVs on my ipod and then finished
watching them all the time...
at a tram... at home...
Today I tried to learn and finished watching them again. 
And this is how new obsession was born:-D

After watching 

I was in a mood for watching Phantom of the Opera again.
I saw it really long time ago and really loved the movie and the music.
Now when watching I imagined Asagi as a Phantom 
which made me loving it much more. 
And all opera, undergrounds, decorations, costumes, masquerade
it all builts such atmosphere to the story
and in the same time satisfies my daily aesthetics' need.

This story is really captivating and
Asagi expressed its beauty in the lyrics very well.

 My dear rose. You are all of me in this world.
In now, the past, and the future. I sing for you.

an abyss      a voice that creeps on the ground      
an a cappella lamentation darker than darkness
a heart fulfilled     a voice that falls from the sky    
an aria of a passion redder than the rose

I never know pleasure to live.
Why was I born such ugly?
(Why?) (You wish?) (Your mind?)

just once, I want to see how it is to love      
even from underneath this ugly mask
to be born into this world without knowing love     
 engulfed by darkness as it is
You must choose! Come with me!
Nobody can stop me!

only lamplight scorches my heated breast     
 for I cannot forget the end of this love
come now, it's alright to go       
it's like you are completely engulfed by light

If you will forget, but even so I will remember forever and ever.

Such extraordinary song.
When Asagi sings
ichido dake aisarete mitai      kono minikui kamen no shita made mo
                                       my heart is beating quicker.

Yes my passion is redder than the rose.

In this way new dress is officially added on my wishlist:

Masquearade theater jsk
(I want it only in red
redder than the rose)

How about this necklace to match?

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