środa, 11 maja 2011

Snow White

To calm myself down
(I need it.. at least today or in other way I will not fall asleep...) 
before tomorrow's D concert
I listen to beautiful Snow white.
I regret that it is not on their setlist.
(but Yami no Kuni no Arisu  
and Yami yori kurai are!)
Such beautiful song.
You can see concert verion here

Like the snow reflected in your eyes,
A perfectly white picture,
Even sin can disappear.
I want to give you tears that will someday be pure 
Snow White

いつか出会うあなたの为 生まれて来たんだ

Pain is proof that you're living,
Everyone and anyone carries it.
It is a tale of long ago.
No one knows the end of the day 
Snow White

It reminds me of Snow White Baby dress.

It is all like a dream
*fairy tale mood*

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