sobota, 14 maja 2011


I really wanted to write something about D concert, 
but I am still not able to make orders in my thoughts...
Give me some time...
It is difficult to describe the day
that can be named as 
one of the most beautiful in life...

So for today:
My cute Bunny Care Bear
which I received from my friend
on the day of the concert
(once again: thank you for it:*)
He was accompanied me in cafe 
when I drank coffee before the gig.

BTW his name is HiDie.
Not it is not an error 
it is Hidie. 
Di comes from the way we pronounce D.
Hidie is a wish bear.

His description:

Do you have a wish?
Then Wish Bear is the bear you should wish for. 
He knows that sometimes wishes come true, and
that even when they don't, making wishes can be a lot of fun.
He shows this with his tummy symbol-
a smiling wishing star.

Let's make some wishes.
It doesn't matter if they turns into reality or not. 

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  1. Nom strasznei mi się podoba^^
    Jeszcze te uszka króliczka <3