wtorek, 10 maja 2011

Nietzsche would have liked Lolita Fashion:-)

Is not a Lolita Fashion some kind of auto-creation 
in order to to find and show your real identity?
It is all about searching for authenticity. 
It can seem like only the body's creation, but in fact it creates much more. 
Somebody can say that it is just about clothes,
but still they create a reality you live in.  
To find real authenticity you also need to create your body. 
You must fully accept it or in other way you negate your life. 
To affirm it you need to accept all physiological aspects.
And then make it beautiful thanks to art. 
Lolita Fashion is this case is creating your life as a work of art.   
Lolita Fashion is about estheticizing your reality as much as possible.

Not only lolita. Visual kei is the same. 
These are things I want to spend my life on. 

Sometimes philosophy lessons are somehow useful ^_^ 

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