sobota, 29 stycznia 2011

My love life is complicated XD

I really liked this answer (found on soup)  because it described me so well for long time.

Lately I seem to rotate (or rather come back) from celebrity that doesn't know I exist to manga character that doesn't exist himself.

I think about Vincent all the time. Write story about him. Imagine that I talk to him...
Who read or watched Pandora Hearts knows that Vincent Nightray isn't normal person at all... Maybe I will write next time why I love him so much. 

And third love is very real! Don't you think that by loving Seimu I have grown up XD

piątek, 28 stycznia 2011

Concerts' wish list

Some time ago I made a list of artists which I have to listen alive before death, so:

Two first positions on my list are already realized.
And on May D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What will I do when I see all of them? Quite silly question. I want to see them more than once♥
I love concerts so other bands are also giving me happiness, but these are obligatory ones^^

czwartek, 27 stycznia 2011

My package from closet child has arrived^^

My package arrived yesterday, but I tried to learn for an exam from Ancient Egypt's culture so I left taking them photos for today.
Of course my concentration was terrible (specially adding my lasting Pandora heart's obsession), but finally I received very good grade so no need to feel guilty. Today could be worse (♥D♥ ^__________^).
Anyway here are my new things: ^^

Now my meta wish list is much shorter:-)
Meta cat print OP

 In fact my mom wanted it more than me. I love cats, but she is obsessed with them... She also loves Whimsical Vanilla -chan and Kitten and room of sweets.

Room print skirt

I have really bad memories about this print. I dreamed since long time about it and almost bought it once. But a girl who was just about selling it to me resigned in a very last moment. She was crying and apologizing, but she said that she will keep the dress even so it's too small for her. She received it as a present and loved it so much.. that she was not able to separate with it. Somehow I understood her, but still I was angry and decided to never buy this dress.
So right.. I haven't bought the dress, but skirt^^ *so satisfied to see this print with my own eyes*

This AP headband is really warm and passes to my pink coat♥

And some accessories: 
For me

(they are so soft! Love touching them!)

For my phone

And my room

(the smell of this candles is so strong, that now all clothes smells of cakes!)

Tomorrow work, so now before sleeping I go on a quick date with Vincent <3

poniedziałek, 24 stycznia 2011

In pursue of cute chairs

Instead of learning I waste time watching cute furniture on the Internet^^
I really need a new chair. Mine is quite old and very uncomfortable.

I have found two absolute cuteness^^

But then I have seen this and... I fell in love♥

Of course it's expensive and doesn't suit my room now (but it will because I plan to redecorate my room completely' maybe during holidays) , but I think I will just resign from buying desk chair and buy this one in the future. Now concerts are on the first place^^

piątek, 21 stycznia 2011

Seimu's first trip

Japanese culture center in my city organized a small dollfie exhibition and also a lecture about Bellmer's inspiration in Japanese doll art. Me, Seimu and my friend arrived there earlier to take some pictures and see all dolls before other people will arrive.
Yeees, Seimu accompanied me^^ It was his first time to go outside my home, so I was really happy that this exhibition gave him a memorable first trip. He was able to meet many people and dolls. Just bad that the weather was rainy so he had to travel in a bag...
Photographer from this center took also some pics of us together. I felt very proud of my beautiful boy^^
During the lecture a men who was running it asked me what my doll means to me. He meant that the doll can become friend substitute. I wasn't going to confess how much I adore my Seimu, so I skip the answer saying that I have him only one week and I think that reconciling the doll and friends is possible.
Seimu was a little angry after it. He thinks that I should say that he is my number one. That's why I called him possessive :PP

czwartek, 20 stycznia 2011

Some thoughts about Sugary Carnival

My attitude to carousels was always very ambivalent.
Somebody could say that they are some kind of childhood symbols. But in me they always awakes some kind of fear. I don't know where it started. Maybe I watched in a childhood a horror movie where carosuels appeared? The horror which title was forgotten long time ago, but this impression is still in me? I don't know.
Carousels. Laughing children. Sparkling lights. Silly music. Colorful ponies and couches.
It's very hot day. Middle of summer. There is so many people. Noise is a little tiring, but atmosphere is really pleasant.
Everybody is having fun.
But there is something hidden. It is looking in silence. I don't know what it is, that's the very reason why I am afraid of it. If I just know what it is...
It is watching. It is waiting. Even so it's middle of summer. Around noon.
As I wrote above I don't know what is the origin of this image, but I always have it in my head.
But it makes me love old style carousels even more. I am fascinated by them.

So now you are sure that I am absolutely one of this crazy Sugary Carnival fan.
You are right.
I have to admit it finally.

poniedziałek, 17 stycznia 2011

Puricute is cuuuuuute

I fell in love with this site. Photos can be made into such cute style. I really can't believe that I love such over the top cuteness again^^ Check this site.
(Thank you dear for showing me this site♥)

niedziela, 16 stycznia 2011

Skating and small loli meet

We had very small loli meet on skating rink^^ We were only three lolis (and one aristocrat) there, but some of my non-loli friends also came so there was more of us.
People's reactions were really well and we were even praised for bringing some brightness there. Even thought I do not like the fact that they consider us making some kind of costume ball just for fun. Of course nobody knew what lolita is...
After skating we went into Japanese restaurant^^
More pics on my facebook and polish loli forum.

I love the way this photo is made by my friend  in purikura style^^ 
I have to make more photos like that. So cute♥

czwartek, 13 stycznia 2011

Hello Kitty addict

I just tried to count how many Hello Kitty stuff I have and take them photos, but it was too difficult, too many of them... Next timeXD
So now my HK puppet only^^

środa, 12 stycznia 2011

I want to introduce you me precious boy^^

First of all his name.
Seimu Migen is written in Japanese as 美幻青夢.
Seimu's kanji are:
青 blue
夢 dream
Migen's kanji are:
美 beautiful, lovely
幻 phantom, vision, illusion, dream
So I would translate all his name as beautiful illusion of a blue dream. Why blue? Of course it comes from Novalis story about blue flower. In Japanese Novalis is Nobaarisu . From it comes Seimu's nickname risu (written in small letters). It's also funny that in Japanese risu is a squirrel. I just see in my mind Seimu's chibi version in squirrel outfit haha (sb want to draw it^^?) Something like small Gackt as Dasu Dasu Usagi ^^

Now some photos.

wtorek, 11 stycznia 2011

Seimu has arrived!

He is finally with me^^ And will stay forever. 10th January- big date to remember^^
More photos will come later (many photos I suppose^^), but as for now only one.

Seimu was really tired after long journey and went sleeping^^ Sweet dreams my beloved <3

niedziela, 9 stycznia 2011

Evening walk with my lovely dog Tracy

Pink clothes contrast well with emptiness of the local park in the evening. 

My outfit: 

Coat, Skirt: Babyssb
Muffler: AP
Bow, shoes: bodyline
Wig: Cosplay wig USA
Rest: offbrand 

sobota, 8 stycznia 2011

Lladia went skating^^

Just random pic in casual outfit from yesterday^^ I went skating with my friends! I can't do it very well, but still had fun.
I love my rabbit muffler and wear it everyday. Cute and warm♥

piątek, 7 stycznia 2011


They are not cakes! Even so I would like to eat them eagerly! Just lip gloss^^
Love them so much. Really amazing for me to find something in local shop and not on the Internet^^

czwartek, 6 stycznia 2011

Belated Xmas post^^ but who cares

I know that it is a little to late now, but my camera was broken and I couldn't take this photos on proper time. So now I just play with a new camera and make some pics^^
My favourite Xmas decoration:

I love how this small stars are put on springs!

Now Christmas tree. Candies and gold horses♥

Now my lovely angels from my dear friend<3 She gave me one last year and this year added him a company ^_^

Time for drawings which are also presents from the friend♥
Cute Mao^^ Give me yourself as a present Santa Claus :-p

And the best one. It really made my day XD Xmas Party with jrockers!!! Do you recognize them?

And some INTERESTING details XD

 Yaoi part^^ And my lovely prince who seems to be not very satisfied with his present XD

And for the end some pictures from a lovely Christmas book for children which I have found in home. This book is really old and I have completely forgotten about it^^ This girls almost look like lolis in their coats, dresses and ribbons♥

poniedziałek, 3 stycznia 2011

A dream in Little Red Riding Hood OP

What a beautiful dream I had last night!
I was on a date with... Seimu (please don't call me mental for dreaming about dating my own doll:PP). I don't remember full dream, but just a few images. One of them is from h Naoto shop where Seimu was looking for some clothes for himself. But even so he was wearing Black Peace Now clothes (I am sure it was this brand!). He had black trousers, jacket and white shirt with necktie.

And I remember what I was wearing absolutely clearly:


I am really in love with this dress so it is not so strange, but I prefer Usakumya in white in fact.. Shoes were black. And I was wearing some red bows on my wig.
I can't say that I find this coord perfect, but OMG I want to wear it so much just because of this dream... I just have feeling that I don't create my dreams, that's dreams that create me...