czwartek, 20 stycznia 2011

Some thoughts about Sugary Carnival

My attitude to carousels was always very ambivalent.
Somebody could say that they are some kind of childhood symbols. But in me they always awakes some kind of fear. I don't know where it started. Maybe I watched in a childhood a horror movie where carosuels appeared? The horror which title was forgotten long time ago, but this impression is still in me? I don't know.
Carousels. Laughing children. Sparkling lights. Silly music. Colorful ponies and couches.
It's very hot day. Middle of summer. There is so many people. Noise is a little tiring, but atmosphere is really pleasant.
Everybody is having fun.
But there is something hidden. It is looking in silence. I don't know what it is, that's the very reason why I am afraid of it. If I just know what it is...
It is watching. It is waiting. Even so it's middle of summer. Around noon.
As I wrote above I don't know what is the origin of this image, but I always have it in my head.
But it makes me love old style carousels even more. I am fascinated by them.

So now you are sure that I am absolutely one of this crazy Sugary Carnival fan.
You are right.
I have to admit it finally.

But it wasn't like that before. I always said that it is just one of many beautiful dresses. As pretty as almost all AP dresses. I just said that I can't understand why it is so expensive and why almost all girls dream about it so hardly.
-Costly, so many loli have it and the rest is dreaming about it. So I don't want it!- that is how I forced myself to think....
When I was riding on this carosuel close to Eiffel Tower in Paris of course that the thought about Sugary Carnival came into my mind... How fabulous it would look.. But I just rejected the thought very quickly.

Lately I was thinking about this dress much more.
And today I spent my evening relaxing (after exam which I had today) by coloring AP color book. I was coloring AP horses...


Just look at this a little closed, dreamy or even sleepy eyes...lost somewhere in a middle of a dream in a middle of summer in exact noon.

NO more lies. I am not going to reject it anymore. I want this dress as much as almost every (is there somebody who doesn't want it?) ama loli girl.
This dress is not only an empty legend or magic.
It's pure beauty.

If I was able to buy Seimu I will buy SC for sure. It's just half price of him so I will finally save for it. But what a pity that I will not have it when I will go to fairground in Budapest this March with my dear friends (before Giru concert:P). It would be fabulous to wear this dress there for the first time (every my dress needs good premiere).

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