czwartek, 27 stycznia 2011

My package from closet child has arrived^^

My package arrived yesterday, but I tried to learn for an exam from Ancient Egypt's culture so I left taking them photos for today.
Of course my concentration was terrible (specially adding my lasting Pandora heart's obsession), but finally I received very good grade so no need to feel guilty. Today could be worse (♥D♥ ^__________^).
Anyway here are my new things: ^^

Now my meta wish list is much shorter:-)
Meta cat print OP

 In fact my mom wanted it more than me. I love cats, but she is obsessed with them... She also loves Whimsical Vanilla -chan and Kitten and room of sweets.

Room print skirt

I have really bad memories about this print. I dreamed since long time about it and almost bought it once. But a girl who was just about selling it to me resigned in a very last moment. She was crying and apologizing, but she said that she will keep the dress even so it's too small for her. She received it as a present and loved it so much.. that she was not able to separate with it. Somehow I understood her, but still I was angry and decided to never buy this dress.
So right.. I haven't bought the dress, but skirt^^ *so satisfied to see this print with my own eyes*

This AP headband is really warm and passes to my pink coat♥

And some accessories: 
For me

(they are so soft! Love touching them!)

For my phone

And my room

(the smell of this candles is so strong, that now all clothes smells of cakes!)

Tomorrow work, so now before sleeping I go on a quick date with Vincent <3

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