poniedziałek, 3 stycznia 2011

A dream in Little Red Riding Hood OP

What a beautiful dream I had last night!
I was on a date with... Seimu (please don't call me mental for dreaming about dating my own doll:PP). I don't remember full dream, but just a few images. One of them is from h Naoto shop where Seimu was looking for some clothes for himself. But even so he was wearing Black Peace Now clothes (I am sure it was this brand!). He had black trousers, jacket and white shirt with necktie.

And I remember what I was wearing absolutely clearly:


I am really in love with this dress so it is not so strange, but I prefer Usakumya in white in fact.. Shoes were black. And I was wearing some red bows on my wig.
I can't say that I find this coord perfect, but OMG I want to wear it so much just because of this dream... I just have feeling that I don't create my dreams, that's dreams that create me...

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