sobota, 30 kwietnia 2011

Kitty-chan paradise

I received package from my mom. 
As always a lot of Her Loyal Kittyness was found inside^^

Here is all present together♥

And now some close up^^

Kitty lamp

Kitty figures

These are strange XD

Pony chan^___^

Pink one is old. Now he has his twin sister^_^

Kitty mascot and coin box (with lollipops inside♥)

Kitty in Paris^_^

Fairy Kitty

Toy for Tracy

Kitty cookies♥

Somehow my room is turning into Hello Kitty paradise♥_♥

Loli tv program

So our program was finally broadcast.

Here is part 1 (from it you can find the rest)

Generally I feel relieved. Of course it could be better. But anyway considering the type of program this talk show is we can be really happy.
Lolitas were able to show who they are (just a little..1%).
And even the way they cut it was not that bad. They left the part when we try to defend ourselves.

My part was really short, but in fact I supposed it to be this way. I was talking generally about fashion so it was not so interesting as love stories....
But still general image is not that bad. (yes I say it again: not that bad, because saying good would be too much) But at least nobody can say that we brought shame on Lolita Fashion.
Audience was absolutely stupid, so maybe that would be better to skip this part of story, because I should use vulgar words which I never use.

All girls looked absolutely beautiful.
This was a nice experience.
And some people can at least know that sth like Lolita Fashion exists.
I do not regret to take part in it.
But I hope that something better will be created in the future.

Here is me with short description.

(it means: Lladia
dresses as a lolita, because she wants to become similar to Alice from the Wonderland)

czwartek, 28 kwietnia 2011

Strawberry power

Here is random pic from today.
Outfit is just casual, but I like how my face looks here^^

Yes I played with puricute again^^

Something big is going to happen.
Keep your fingers crossed for upcoming week^^

*went back to listen to Kaya's new album♥♥♥*

środa, 27 kwietnia 2011

I dress as a lolita?!

Finally this program is going to be broadcast. 
Title is stupid:
I dress as a lolita.
Why not I am lolita?

I do not care about it anymore. 
I just want to have fun watching it.
There is nothing we can do now, right?

Here is a trailer

And two screenshots.
It is nice to see my own clothes in this way hahaXD

Can't wait for Friday. It is going to be funny XD

wtorek, 26 kwietnia 2011

Why I love Marie Antoinette?

I think that it is the best time to finally write why I love Marie Antoinette so much.
No. I do not love her because Babyssb made a dress with her name.
I want that dress because I love Marie Antoinette. This is the difference.

Why she seems to be so close for me. Of course this is difficult to be sure about personality of the person who lived so long time ago, but still even if it is just an image which was created by a history, it does not change anything.
What matters is how we see her. Truth was forgotten long time ago.
Marie Antoinette was a princess. Even when she became a queen, mentally she was still a princess (maybe it changed in last years of her life).
She was not supposed to be someone who can rule a country, who can make serious decisions.
She was just a carefree princess. Her manners were perfect. Her all appearance was absolutely appealing. She was an ideal princess who made everyone to be under her charm.
She was Schoenbrunn palace's decoration and the same then in Versailles. Just after three months in Versailles she became a role model for all rococo ladies. She determined all trends and nobody was able to be more fashionable than she.
In her love for beauty I absolutely identify with her. Pretty dresses, decorated chambers and small bibelots. Only between all this things she was able to be herself.
Of course than we all know that she was not guilty in all this necklace's case. But still she was responsible for the fact that people believed in a lie that she was. It was easy to believe considering her love for beauty. This is what brought her to ruin.
But I will say it one more time. She was a princess. Not a queen like her mother. Why is sometimes fate such unreasonable? Why it choses small people without will for reigning to such big roles in a history? Is there any meaning behind it or is it just some kind of useless game?

She was reigning on ball's chambers. Between court ladies.
But it was not enough for her.
Even so her nature was really playful she needed her own escape. Escape from it all.
This is why Petit Trianon and Hameau were created for.
It was her own kingdom. There everything was the way she wanted.
Only closest people were allowed there.
In a heart of Versailles such illusion was born.
It did not matter that it all was not true.
Petit Trianon was just a dream. Was like a dream of a fairytale princess. Or maybe was just the symbol of her longing to Austria? She was still a young girl when she was parted with her mother, siblings and all her life in Vienna. Does not it say a lot that she used to call Petit Trianon Small Vienna?
Hameau was never a real village. All scratches and cracks were painted. Outside it looked like normal village, but inside it was full of gold and silk.
It was not meant to be true. It was her own imaginary world. She wan not interested in normal people's life. She looked for a paradise. No matter if this paradise meant small Vienna, normal world where she could live with Axel von Fersen or some kind of world made by herself. Very faraway and fairy-tale like (weren't seats on her carousels in shape of dragons?).

When Antoinette was handed over from Austria to France she just fell into court lady's arms with cry.
How many times does she have to say goodbye to Fersen?
It all can be considered as stupid, naive talk, but maybe here is the heart of the matter.
Maybe here is the heart of rococo (similar to the way ukiyo leaded to iki in Japan)
When we go further heart of Lolita Fashion.
I do not feel like being meant for bigger world. For big successes. Big goals.
I just want to be a princess who can enjoy her tea in Petit Trianon's living room when wearing her favourite dress. Do not criticize it. Maybe it has a meaning behind it all.

For the end screenshots (made from youtube vid) from Kaya's newest pv.
He is the most beautiful Marie Antoinette ever.
Maybe in fact she was a boy and came from Japan? XD

poniedziałek, 25 kwietnia 2011

Always by my site, he is my everything.

I declared to make a short talk about Kawaii in Japan
 on my course about Japanese and Chinese aesthetics.
It was really a good idea.
I can spent time looking for some cuteness 
without feeling guilty of waisting time♥ 
Perfect excuse♥♥♥ 

By chance I have found my new love♥

Here is her story from Sanrio's website:

Loulou is a young girl of 5 who lives in Paris.
One day while lost, she came across a framboise-colored bear in a shop window. 
"Here I am" said a voice in her head, and they've been together ever since...

It just sounds like a story about me and Seimu
(just exchange shop window with Internet oneXP).
So cute♥♥♥
I must buy something with Loulou and her bear^^

sobota, 23 kwietnia 2011


My fbk account was disabled.
One girl was selling my dreamed bag in a good price and I do not have any money at the moment.
I can not go to Versailles concert.
I wanted to stay one day longer in Wrocław (to see Japanese garden) after D's concert and nobody from my friends can.
I have to learn stupid things which I am completely not interested in.
And Kamijo in red coat is way too beautiful.

As a sign of a rebellion against stupid reality here is a photo of me in
non-lolita outfit
with glasses and no make up.
I go to write fanfiction. Good bye reality. I am already fed up with you.

wtorek, 19 kwietnia 2011

Loveless concert report

The concert was on the same day as an anime convention 
so we had to skip the convention to go for a gig.
We went quite early (we where there almost one hour before the concert:
 yes if comes about this concert it was early XD).
It took part in a center of Japanese culture Manggha  which seemed a little strange to me, 
but as I saw they adapted it quite well. 
They took away seats in a front, so it looked almost the same like it would be a club. 

Me before the concert^^ 

We would be in a first row, if not a toilet....
 (I wanted to correct my make-up.. I felt that my blush has finanly gone)..... 
if not I would be in a first row!
Anyway I was in a second and it was only around three/four rows.
Other people were sitting in a back...
The concert has begun a little too late, 
but I have met a few friends of mine so time went quite quickly.
Scene was really low and chandeliers and
pink chair made a good atmosphere.
Suddenly somebody has appeared on the scene. 
In the beginning nobody reacted. Then we realized that it is Taizo! 
But he changed his hair color to black! 
He looks much better now. (it was somehow funny, because we talk about his hair before concert. 
Blond does not suit him at all).
And Nana appeared. She was wearing a corset with her shoulders uncovered and black skirt. 
Her outfit was really sexy, but she rather looked cute. 
She seemed much smaller and thiner than I imagined. 
(so cute and thin. I should really go on a diet!). 
She sang her new songs of course. 
I have to admit that I enjoyed them more much alive than
when I listened to them on Internet. 
Maybe it is thanks to how she waxed poetic when singing. 
She felt her songs very deeply 
and her way of expression was causing that
we could not take our eyes from her. 
And her scream is priceless♥
Thought people were not moving themselves at all. 
Somebody from a back said quietly that we should start moving.
It had to look a little strange. 
So after this remark people have started swaying a little. 
Craziness has appeared when she sung Kesenai Tsumi. 
The only old song she chose. 
It had to be a little sad for her that people reacted
so emotional on her old song 
and not on a new ones (and poor Taizo...). 
But this song has made everyone more lively and 
people has started to jump and scream much more.
Specially after she hugged one here and kissed another one. 
The girl who was kissed was standing just ahead of me.... 
if not this stupid toilet maybe I would stand next to her... and maybe.... 
anyway I touched Nana so I can not complain XD
It was the cutest thing ever when Nana said 
Poznań no mina san tanoshii ka? (Poznań are you enjoying it?). 
In the beginning not all of people noticed it, but then she said it again: 
Poznań I love you (BTW her English is terrible). 
People started screaming: Kraków! Kraków! Kraków! 
After a while she realized that she has mixed up cities XD 
She was so cute when apologizing XD 
In this while I just thought how ott cute she had to be in times she wore loli♥

Then it was a signing session. 
Somehow it happened that I was a first one in a queue XD
I thanked them for an amazing concert and for coming to Poland. 
I was really proud of myself that I said what I planned to. 
Then I asked for a photo, but Nana said that they can not take any 
(it was REALLY disappointing.. specially that sb from a staff has promised as earlier: no photos during the gig, because then it will be a possibility!).

Here is my signed ticket: 

We were standing close to the entrance and looked at them for a while.
Then we decided that we will wait for them leaving 
(I was not in a mood to come back to the convention again).
We were waiting around one hour I suppose.
It went quite quickly thought.
I was there with my friend who has very special impact on me.
I do not know any other person who makes me so talkative XD

Bubbles of course were also there♥

Some girls who were also waiting started to catch them 
and this is how we ended talkingXD

This was a bus that was waiting for Nana and Taizo:
Yes.. my pink poodle was also waiting^^

(BTW in bus we saw something pink (blanket?), a banana and 
a chest of beers XD
Then Nana's pink suitcace appeared.
And then Nana and Taizo.
We asked for photos again, but people from stuff said that it is not allowed.
Becuase- this was an answer. 
Even my poodle who was also begging did not achieve anything.
Nana went inside the bus, but Taizo was still going here and there 
so we thanked for the concert again. 
Then he was standing there and smoking so 
I just said to him that he looks much better in dark hair than blond 
(no words to describe how much I was proud of myself XD).
Then he promised to us to come back next year. 
And then he just took his phone from a pocket and took us a photo! 
It was around six of us if I remember well^^
It was so cute of him. Yes I have somehow become his fan haha^^
Maybe he will post this photo somewhere^^

Then we were screaming Arigatou and waving to them.
Eh... I behaved like a fangirl, but I liked it.
As always XD

niedziela, 17 kwietnia 2011

A few words about Magnificon

So the biggest anime convention in my city is behind me. 

I did not have any new full coord so I wore my favourite dress again♥
Our friend from Slovakia came so it was even more enjoyable♥ 
There was really a lot of interesting panels so it was difficult to choose.

Unfortunately visual kei zone was cancelled T.T

What I bought?
Some cuteness like always♥♥♥

So: cute face towel
 mouse pad with Kyubey (I will use it as drink pad in fact^^) 
I did not know Kyubey before, but when I saw him I fell in love immediately♥ 
He is absolutely my type♥♥♥
(I have just started watching Puella Magi Madoka Magica
for him^^)

and two badges with Vincent and beautiful Hizaki♥

Close-up for my beloved Vince♥♥♥
He is worth it^^

I have also met with so many lolis♥
They all looked beautiful and made me aaawhh♥
We went to a photo studio.

Copyright: Mateusz Zahora, Natalia Blejwas

More pics on my fbk^^

There was also dollfie exhibition^^

No it is sot Seimu (I have not taken him). 
But sb else has Ducan^^
I was so surprised to see him^__^

This one was my favourite♥
Such cutie~♥

I was really happy that so many people liked my outfit.
One girl asked me to marry her, another one wanted me to be her doll haha
People asked a lot of questions and wanted to touch everything
(specially when they have heard that the dress comes from Angelic Pretty).
I can not even count how many people I hugged XD
Walking candy was the best compliment ♥

The only bad thing was when I was going back home...
It was not so late...
A few hooligans were following me, 
then they asked me if I am a princess 
and before I even realized it 
they spilled a juice on me...

I have to say that I am not a kind of person who can hate very easily.
Usually I just like people or ignore them.
When I find somebody annoying I do not think that he is even worth my hate.
This time is different.
I think that I hate for the first time.
If I had a possibility I would kill them.
No, it is not a metaphor. I say it really seriously. 
I have never felt like that before. 

środa, 13 kwietnia 2011

Miyavi's concert report

Not really a report. Rather some subjective thoughts.
We arrived there around 10 o'clock (we planned to be there even earlier, but we spent too much time in hotel... and then we lost our way...).
Anyway I was not so happy to spent all day there,
I am not such fan, but my friends insisted.
We were in group of six. Unfortunately we do not have any photo together eh..
How we spent this time?
When a few of us were keeping our place, we went to find a place to eat and a toilet (yees invading Music High school to use a toilet XD). 
What then?
Eating chocolate and bubbles♥ 

BTW as you see concert's place was really terrible... Such shame... 

Then was many people and waiting in tightness... No air.. 
After opening a gate (which was quite difficult because people were sticked to the gate which opened to the outside...) all people flighted to go first. 
I saw one girl loosing her jacket's sleeve and some other people had scratches after touching a wall. 
My elbow (as I realized at home) has not also escaped unharmed. 
When one security guy asked with surprise Is is really worth?
I thought to myself exactly the same....
(BTW I saw how all people from security and ticket agency were looking at us with hidden smile.. they could not understand our craze.. probably they had not seen such thing before.. XD
 it looked somehow like from a movie XD totally unreal)
After first gate we were running to the next one (they were allowing one part of people after another). Then was a fight for getting stamps as quickly as possible, then clothing room.. everything very nervous. It is so stupid that general atmosphere made me fighting
 even so inside I was not caring so much.
And then was second gate. It was really stupid that they did not open it in the beginning. I had to survived the same situation as in the first gate again. 
The worst that I got stuck on a door and lose some time. I had to really made my best to finish inside. Rapidity of the river was dragging me to the back.
After reaching scene I landed in 5th row in a middle. 
What was the worst? People were still fighting for a better place. I know pushing on concerts is normal ( I even like it), but here everybody was doing it and I was fed up with it all before a beginning.
It was all about surviving not enjoying..
 I tried even to move to the back, but it was not so easy. 
Finally bodyguards went inside a crowd. 
Some peace.
Of course until we heard Miyavi's guitar from a backstage. 
For a moment I also felt a whiff of  acraziness. But then pushing people made my angry. Specially that I somehow landed in 3rd row and 
the situation was even worse. 
I started to move back. 
My body was really weak. After being ill (in fact I still was ill)
 I did not have many power. 
7th row was much better. He was more visible and the sound quality was clearer. Then I even moved farer and finally I went to the right site where was quite a lot of place and many air. 

Miyavi was really beautiful. He looks in real like on photos. His face is very pretty and girlish without even many make-up. With cool hairstyle and normal clothes he was absolutely attractive.
 I thought that he looks like an ideal Japanese.
His way of moving was so catching that I could not stop looking at him. (when he... his shirt....XD)

His guitar
:-O :O O_O o_o 8O OwO O-O 0_o O_o O3O o0o ;o_o; o...o 0w0
just unbelievable...

If it comes about songs..
Beginning was boring. I do not like his new songs. 
Except from Torture and OMGackt: Gravity!
He sang it after saying about the situation in Japan and after a minute of silence (everybody was in silence really it was so moving...).
I felt tears in my eyes... 
He also chose some old songs. It was so cute when he asked us which one we would like to hear. 
Selfish love. I was in seven heaven. And then What a wonderful world
I was really weak and did not have any power to jump or whatever,
 but with a surprise
 I found myself singing we love you

Even so I was sometimes a little bored in the end I felt satisfied. I would not go for his gig again so far, but what is the most important
I realized my high school's dream.

So to teenage me:
 It is a present for you. 
Old unfulfilled dreams make people sad and bitter
 so here you have 
what you dreamed about so hardly .

wtorek, 12 kwietnia 2011

Lladia was in Gdańsk^^

Short report from concert will come later.
Now some pics from Gdańsk^^
We planned to do sightseeing, but eventually we just took a look at Old Town. It is a pity because Gdańsk seemed to be a really pretty city T_T 
( I wanted to see Artus Court T_T)

We ate yummy dinner in Mexican restaurant♥

Our hostel was really nice. (free Internet♥♥♥)
Specially I liked this wardrobe.
Here is me and Natalia in our lolita dresses^^

Other guests in hostel was so friendly^^
One Korean girl thought that my friend is Japanese XD
She also said that she likes my outfit (unfortunately she called it cosplay...) and she was surprised that I know Full House and Bi Rain^^

I really liked that paintings found in underground passage^^

And this amazing shop (unfortunately it was closed because it was Saturday late evening..., maybe better.. I would spend too much money there...)

This bears....*_*

And my souvenir from Gdańsk:

As you see cookies are quite normal, 
but I absolutely feel in love with this box^^
After eating all cookies I will use it as a jewelery box♥♥♥

piątek, 8 kwietnia 2011

What is the most important for any concert?

I made final shopping today^^
Two most important things (which I forgot last time) for any concert so:

Hair spray
and bubbles♥♥♥

I bought new one today.
With two different charms. I can use them as a necklace♥
So cute♥

środa, 6 kwietnia 2011

Short lecture about Lolita Fashion

I went to a doctor today and she prescribed me antibiotics... 
I skipped Japanese test.. but I do not even feel guilty.. not my fault..
Even so I had to go to my friend's class where I was going to tell people about Lolita fashion.
(my friend could have problems if I did not come after declaring...).
I have not even an inspiration to create new coord so I dressed almost the same like to this tv talk show. 
The only good thing was that Seimu went with me^^
(his second trip!)
In tram I felt terrible. It was hot and I was feeling like fainting, but then it was much better. 
Wearing lolita clothes made me feel much better.
On the body and on the soul.
It was a really good experience.
I made power point presentation to tell people the most important things about Lolita Fashion.
Of course I forgot about thousands things, bu still I said quite a lot. And in fact we have not time to say more. 
People were listening with big interest and then asked a lot of questions.
It was really fantastic to tell them about things they had no idea about and which are the most important things in my life.
I also showed them one GLB number and Kamikaze girl's book. 
Unfortunately there was not time for any lolita pv and at least for a fragment of Kamikaze girls which I took with me. 
And I had so many photos to show them and still too less time T_T
I also told a little about visual kei and dollfie.
And I showed them Versailles's newest pv- Philia.
It was a pleasure rather to me than to them. I could watch Kamijo on such big screen!!!
(hope they did not perceive my melting expression XP).
By the way I will never get bored with this shock when seeing visual musicians:
  "But is this really a guy?!")
Love it haha XD

Anyway I feel quite satisfied. It is a pity that I could not say at least things like that on tv.... 

My outfit: 

And this one is just for fun:
Me and Ponio-chan playing "Fairytale love"

When I was going home, suddenly one English speaking boy has looked at me and with really friendly smile he said:

Oh hi. I am new in Wonderland. Can you help me and show me the way? 
It seems like you are a citizen here.

wtorek, 5 kwietnia 2011

Order from Kawaii goods

Me and three other girls made order from kawaii goods. In fact I was leading a group order for the first time. 
We were able to buy things over 65$ so shipping was free♥
In the beginning I was a little angry, because cake stickers for one girl and Hello Kitty lipgloss ring set for me turned out to be unavailable, even so they were on their site. (they should update the site more often). 
They did not send money back, but instead of it they added cupcake necklace, but when I wrote to them that at least I want to choose one, they said that it is too late and the package is already closed and ready to send... 
Next thing is that they forgot to put phone charm inside, but when I wrote to them they answered very quickly and said that the charm will be sent as soon as possible, so there is not really a problem.

Time for items.
Everything is so cute that I can forgive all other things.

Here is how the package looked (it was good packed):

Things for other girls:

And for me: 

And some close-ups:

This Pony was added for free. 
It is a little funny, because I bought Pony mascot just a week ago (you remember Ponio-chan?).
So now he has a friend: Pinio-chan^^

This ring and necklace are so adorable that they make me kyaaaa^^

(sparkling eyes♥)

And the most important item^^
Deco case for my ipod.

I resigned from making my own case. It would cost a lot and I have more important things now.
And in fact I use ipod so often that I do not want it to be too heavy. One sided case is more comfortable.