środa, 6 kwietnia 2011

Short lecture about Lolita Fashion

I went to a doctor today and she prescribed me antibiotics... 
I skipped Japanese test.. but I do not even feel guilty.. not my fault..
Even so I had to go to my friend's class where I was going to tell people about Lolita fashion.
(my friend could have problems if I did not come after declaring...).
I have not even an inspiration to create new coord so I dressed almost the same like to this tv talk show. 
The only good thing was that Seimu went with me^^
(his second trip!)
In tram I felt terrible. It was hot and I was feeling like fainting, but then it was much better. 
Wearing lolita clothes made me feel much better.
On the body and on the soul.
It was a really good experience.
I made power point presentation to tell people the most important things about Lolita Fashion.
Of course I forgot about thousands things, bu still I said quite a lot. And in fact we have not time to say more. 
People were listening with big interest and then asked a lot of questions.
It was really fantastic to tell them about things they had no idea about and which are the most important things in my life.
I also showed them one GLB number and Kamikaze girl's book. 
Unfortunately there was not time for any lolita pv and at least for a fragment of Kamikaze girls which I took with me. 
And I had so many photos to show them and still too less time T_T
I also told a little about visual kei and dollfie.
And I showed them Versailles's newest pv- Philia.
It was a pleasure rather to me than to them. I could watch Kamijo on such big screen!!!
(hope they did not perceive my melting expression XP).
By the way I will never get bored with this shock when seeing visual musicians:
  "But is this really a guy?!")
Love it haha XD

Anyway I feel quite satisfied. It is a pity that I could not say at least things like that on tv.... 

My outfit: 

And this one is just for fun:
Me and Ponio-chan playing "Fairytale love"

When I was going home, suddenly one English speaking boy has looked at me and with really friendly smile he said:

Oh hi. I am new in Wonderland. Can you help me and show me the way? 
It seems like you are a citizen here.

4 komentarze:

  1. Bardzo chętnie bym zobaczyła taki Twój wykład i prezentację, to musiało być naprawdę coś bardzo ciekawego. Gdybyś kiedyś przyjeżdżała do Warszawy z takim wykładem, to proszę, daj znać :-)
    Życzę zdrowia :-)

  2. Dziękuję^^
    I jak widzimy się na Miyavim tak?

  3. Tak, mam nadzieję, że Cię wypatrzę przed klubem przed koncertem :-))
    Super by było, gdyby Kaya przyjechał do Polski, prawda? :-))

  4. Będę na punk loli i będę bańki puszczać^^

    Do Polski nie ma szans. Ma za mało fanów. Oby chociaż dołożył więcej miejsc w Europie, bo data koncertu we Francji kompletnie mi nie pasuje. Zaraz po D,,,,