poniedziałek, 25 kwietnia 2011

Always by my site, he is my everything.

I declared to make a short talk about Kawaii in Japan
 on my course about Japanese and Chinese aesthetics.
It was really a good idea.
I can spent time looking for some cuteness 
without feeling guilty of waisting time♥ 
Perfect excuse♥♥♥ 

By chance I have found my new love♥

Here is her story from Sanrio's website:

Loulou is a young girl of 5 who lives in Paris.
One day while lost, she came across a framboise-colored bear in a shop window. 
"Here I am" said a voice in her head, and they've been together ever since...

It just sounds like a story about me and Seimu
(just exchange shop window with Internet oneXP).
So cute♥♥♥
I must buy something with Loulou and her bear^^

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