wtorek, 5 kwietnia 2011

Order from Kawaii goods

Me and three other girls made order from kawaii goods. In fact I was leading a group order for the first time. 
We were able to buy things over 65$ so shipping was free♥
In the beginning I was a little angry, because cake stickers for one girl and Hello Kitty lipgloss ring set for me turned out to be unavailable, even so they were on their site. (they should update the site more often). 
They did not send money back, but instead of it they added cupcake necklace, but when I wrote to them that at least I want to choose one, they said that it is too late and the package is already closed and ready to send... 
Next thing is that they forgot to put phone charm inside, but when I wrote to them they answered very quickly and said that the charm will be sent as soon as possible, so there is not really a problem.

Time for items.
Everything is so cute that I can forgive all other things.

Here is how the package looked (it was good packed):

Things for other girls:

And for me: 

And some close-ups:

This Pony was added for free. 
It is a little funny, because I bought Pony mascot just a week ago (you remember Ponio-chan?).
So now he has a friend: Pinio-chan^^

This ring and necklace are so adorable that they make me kyaaaa^^

(sparkling eyes♥)

And the most important item^^
Deco case for my ipod.

I resigned from making my own case. It would cost a lot and I have more important things now.
And in fact I use ipod so often that I do not want it to be too heavy. One sided case is more comfortable. 


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