sobota, 23 kwietnia 2011


My fbk account was disabled.
One girl was selling my dreamed bag in a good price and I do not have any money at the moment.
I can not go to Versailles concert.
I wanted to stay one day longer in Wrocław (to see Japanese garden) after D's concert and nobody from my friends can.
I have to learn stupid things which I am completely not interested in.
And Kamijo in red coat is way too beautiful.

As a sign of a rebellion against stupid reality here is a photo of me in
non-lolita outfit
with glasses and no make up.
I go to write fanfiction. Good bye reality. I am already fed up with you.

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  1. Lil... FBK sucks. Ależ lipa. Widzę, że kiepsko z Tobą. Przykro mi, że nie jestem w Kraku i nie mogę Cię odwiedzić :( Ale nie załamuj się. *hug*