wtorek, 19 kwietnia 2011

Loveless concert report

The concert was on the same day as an anime convention 
so we had to skip the convention to go for a gig.
We went quite early (we where there almost one hour before the concert:
 yes if comes about this concert it was early XD).
It took part in a center of Japanese culture Manggha  which seemed a little strange to me, 
but as I saw they adapted it quite well. 
They took away seats in a front, so it looked almost the same like it would be a club. 

Me before the concert^^ 

We would be in a first row, if not a toilet....
 (I wanted to correct my make-up.. I felt that my blush has finanly gone)..... 
if not I would be in a first row!
Anyway I was in a second and it was only around three/four rows.
Other people were sitting in a back...
The concert has begun a little too late, 
but I have met a few friends of mine so time went quite quickly.
Scene was really low and chandeliers and
pink chair made a good atmosphere.
Suddenly somebody has appeared on the scene. 
In the beginning nobody reacted. Then we realized that it is Taizo! 
But he changed his hair color to black! 
He looks much better now. (it was somehow funny, because we talk about his hair before concert. 
Blond does not suit him at all).
And Nana appeared. She was wearing a corset with her shoulders uncovered and black skirt. 
Her outfit was really sexy, but she rather looked cute. 
She seemed much smaller and thiner than I imagined. 
(so cute and thin. I should really go on a diet!). 
She sang her new songs of course. 
I have to admit that I enjoyed them more much alive than
when I listened to them on Internet. 
Maybe it is thanks to how she waxed poetic when singing. 
She felt her songs very deeply 
and her way of expression was causing that
we could not take our eyes from her. 
And her scream is priceless♥
Thought people were not moving themselves at all. 
Somebody from a back said quietly that we should start moving.
It had to look a little strange. 
So after this remark people have started swaying a little. 
Craziness has appeared when she sung Kesenai Tsumi. 
The only old song she chose. 
It had to be a little sad for her that people reacted
so emotional on her old song 
and not on a new ones (and poor Taizo...). 
But this song has made everyone more lively and 
people has started to jump and scream much more.
Specially after she hugged one here and kissed another one. 
The girl who was kissed was standing just ahead of me.... 
if not this stupid toilet maybe I would stand next to her... and maybe.... 
anyway I touched Nana so I can not complain XD
It was the cutest thing ever when Nana said 
Poznań no mina san tanoshii ka? (Poznań are you enjoying it?). 
In the beginning not all of people noticed it, but then she said it again: 
Poznań I love you (BTW her English is terrible). 
People started screaming: Kraków! Kraków! Kraków! 
After a while she realized that she has mixed up cities XD 
She was so cute when apologizing XD 
In this while I just thought how ott cute she had to be in times she wore loli♥

Then it was a signing session. 
Somehow it happened that I was a first one in a queue XD
I thanked them for an amazing concert and for coming to Poland. 
I was really proud of myself that I said what I planned to. 
Then I asked for a photo, but Nana said that they can not take any 
(it was REALLY disappointing.. specially that sb from a staff has promised as earlier: no photos during the gig, because then it will be a possibility!).

Here is my signed ticket: 

We were standing close to the entrance and looked at them for a while.
Then we decided that we will wait for them leaving 
(I was not in a mood to come back to the convention again).
We were waiting around one hour I suppose.
It went quite quickly thought.
I was there with my friend who has very special impact on me.
I do not know any other person who makes me so talkative XD

Bubbles of course were also there♥

Some girls who were also waiting started to catch them 
and this is how we ended talkingXD

This was a bus that was waiting for Nana and Taizo:
Yes.. my pink poodle was also waiting^^

(BTW in bus we saw something pink (blanket?), a banana and 
a chest of beers XD
Then Nana's pink suitcace appeared.
And then Nana and Taizo.
We asked for photos again, but people from stuff said that it is not allowed.
Becuase- this was an answer. 
Even my poodle who was also begging did not achieve anything.
Nana went inside the bus, but Taizo was still going here and there 
so we thanked for the concert again. 
Then he was standing there and smoking so 
I just said to him that he looks much better in dark hair than blond 
(no words to describe how much I was proud of myself XD).
Then he promised to us to come back next year. 
And then he just took his phone from a pocket and took us a photo! 
It was around six of us if I remember well^^
It was so cute of him. Yes I have somehow become his fan haha^^
Maybe he will post this photo somewhere^^

Then we were screaming Arigatou and waving to them.
Eh... I behaved like a fangirl, but I liked it.
As always XD

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