wtorek, 30 października 2012

Grzegorz Rosinski Art Exhibition

As you see above:
today I went to see the exhibition of Rosiński's art.
I am not his fan
(or comics' fan in general,
lately I don't even read manga),
but here I post a few pics of what caught my attention. 

Like Arietty ?

Schninkiel made me stop for a while.
Maybe I will check the story, 
because sadness on his face is intriguing.  

Something funny for the end XD

poniedziałek, 29 października 2012

Opera costumes, Madame Butterfly and some more

Some photos from Sunday^^
I was wearing such long eyelashes for the first time^^

First: Halloween market

Fruits in chocolate :3

Our strawberries :D

Then I went to finally buy 
these gloves from Claire's.

And I landed in Ponyland :333

Then: Madame Butterfly opera.

Before the performance started 
we went to see the exhibition of opera costumes.
They are so amazing that I will dare to post all of them ^.^

Specially gold outfits from The marriage of Figaro
caught my attention.

Well forget reality for a while...
Here is me and Lestat *dreamy*

Or even:

But the reality was:

Who cares about reality XD HahaXD 

Nevermind XD
Let's speak about the opera for a while.
I am still an opera rookie, but 
I have to admit that I already know that
I do not like verismo style.
Opera is the form of art which suits best to fantastical stories.
When it seeks realism in result it always meets with failure.
Reality and opera can not walk holding each other's hands.

That is why there was a few moments 
when Madame Butterfly irritated me...,
but I still enjoyed operatic way of singing.

But 3rd act *.* Yes *.*
Full of dramatic moments and overwhelming sorrow.
Sadness and sorrow suit opera perfectly.
There is no better way to show death
that expressing it in opera. 

Ballet gives sorrow wings,
but opera is making feelings lying
on a ground.
Their bearers are unable to stand up and continue living.
There is no escape.
Red curtain must go down
and leave us with the sense of powerlessness.

For the end my full outfit:

With my friends :3

sobota, 27 października 2012

Cracow Book Fairs

So today: book fairs in Cracow :3

With marmot XD

They were advertising 
The Cracow Opera :3

Beautiful illustrations from The Snow Queen^^
(Sorry for bad quality T_T)

Music publishing house

This was so cute :3 
Krówka candy suits to the book :3

(BTW I ate so many candies and cakes
that I feel bad and fat...XD)

I had a long list of books I want,
but I have found neither of them....
So A Little Princess 
as a consolation.

And many bookmarks :)

The defense of my master thesis and Kilar's music concert

So today I defended my master thesis
(with distinction)
and I have to admit that 
of course I feel very satisfied,
but also a little old..
I already miss my old studies >.<

To show that nothing has really changed
and that I am not going to stop 
being puella aeterna
I post the pic of my lollipop XD

Changing topic...
Lately together with my friends I started let's call it a cultural club. 
The aim is to attend different cultural events together^^ 
If you are interested and live in Cracow you are open to join^^

The club is called Lilies&Roses.
It comes from The Picture of Dorian Gray

Time is jealous of you, and wars against your lilies and your roses.

Culture is a way to make this war less painful.
To find lilies and roses which are impossible
to defeat.

First event was the concert of Kilar music. 

(photo stolen from my friend)

czwartek, 25 października 2012

Nerd glasses and new dress

Finally my nerd glasses arrived today^^
I really need them for Halloween, 
but I was afraid that they will not reach me on time,
but they did it <3

Full outfit
(I forgot to put on my shoes for a pic XD)

Biggest surprise today
was that my dress arrived!

I bought it specially for
the defense of my master thesis,
but it got stuck in custom office
so I was sure it will not
be on time...
But it arrived today 
in late afternoon...
my defense is tomorrow...
and NO custom duties^^

Now I feel much more assured
that tomorrow will be okay.
This is how clothes can give you self-confidence.
Well, they can even change your life...

Cinderella knows what I mean XD