niedziela, 7 października 2012

Dracula ballet

We planned to make an outdoor party today,
but the weather was against us (rain >.<)
so to cheer myself up.. vampires :3

I started with watching Dark shadows (finally...),
but well... except a few visually appealing images
I could not find anything more in it.

But then...
Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary.

It is a ballet movie stylized as being old.
Vampires + ballet....*.*
In fact more than a movie 
I would call it dancing poetry.
Any other media except ballet
can express emotions so deeply.

Images are shown in black and white.
Only single elements are in colour

or sometimes images are turned into one colour like filters in photos 

or can be blurred or presented through snow and mist.

You do not see dancers.
These are pure feelings that are dancing in front of your eyes.
Suddenly you find yourself immersed in a dream. 
Strangely beautiful dream.
Bad dream of those who sleep unwisely. 

Watch a breath-taking scene from a graveyard here *.*

I watched this movie twice today.
The most beautiful thing I saw lately *.*

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