sobota, 27 października 2012

The defense of my master thesis and Kilar's music concert

So today I defended my master thesis
(with distinction)
and I have to admit that 
of course I feel very satisfied,
but also a little old..
I already miss my old studies >.<

To show that nothing has really changed
and that I am not going to stop 
being puella aeterna
I post the pic of my lollipop XD

Changing topic...
Lately together with my friends I started let's call it a cultural club. 
The aim is to attend different cultural events together^^ 
If you are interested and live in Cracow you are open to join^^

The club is called Lilies&Roses.
It comes from The Picture of Dorian Gray

Time is jealous of you, and wars against your lilies and your roses.

Culture is a way to make this war less painful.
To find lilies and roses which are impossible
to defeat.

First event was the concert of Kilar music. 

(photo stolen from my friend)

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