czwartek, 25 października 2012

Nerd glasses and new dress

Finally my nerd glasses arrived today^^
I really need them for Halloween, 
but I was afraid that they will not reach me on time,
but they did it <3

Full outfit
(I forgot to put on my shoes for a pic XD)

Biggest surprise today
was that my dress arrived!

I bought it specially for
the defense of my master thesis,
but it got stuck in custom office
so I was sure it will not
be on time...
But it arrived today 
in late afternoon...
my defense is tomorrow...
and NO custom duties^^

Now I feel much more assured
that tomorrow will be okay.
This is how clothes can give you self-confidence.
Well, they can even change your life...

Cinderella knows what I mean XD

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  1. zazdroszczę *.* gdzie ją znalazłaś?:x szukam jej od wieków :x