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Cinderella ballet

Today I went to see Cinderella ballet
at The Krakow Opera.

My outfit is nothing really original.
Just very Lladia-like elegant sweet,
but this is kind of outfit I feel the best in :3

Before the performance I had some time
so I played with a camera.
Close to the opera there are ruins of Cracow Fortress.
But just imagine ruins of an old castle^^

I really love this pic.
Ruins in the first plan and signs of modernity in the background.
Like a princess lost in a modern world
looking for her past XD

As you see I already entered opera
in a very fairy tale mood :3

What waited for me inside?
Well... a fest for my senses.

I must say that generally I am mostly in love
with a classical ballet which is faithful to the traditions of XIX/XX century
(in such form you can mostly find it in Russia now)
and I adore older form of ballet from XVIII.
I do not like too modern versions.
I like it old-fashioned XP
(no matter how kitsch it seems for some people).

This was not a classical Prokofiew version of Cinderella.
This one was a modernized one with a big portion of humour.
You can even call it a comedy ballet
(sometimes I just felt like watching a cabaret).
So you surely think that I hate this performance?

Just the opposite!
There was a few moments
when I thought: it is too much!
Just a few times.
The rest of time I had such a fun that I was not
thinking about anything at all.
Just my face was in pain, because I smiled too much
and my hands hurt from clapping.

There was some lyrical parts,
(like beautiful pas de deux behind a curtain),
but mostly you could not stop laughing XD
As I am strongly interested in gender studies
I was in my heaven with Cinderella's stepsisters
that were men^.^
Now I strongly believe that they were men in an original tale.
I simply lived in unawareness all my life!

And colours, colours, colours!
Pastels were dancing on the scene
creating different combinations for your pleasure.

It was not a deep story full of dramatic emotions

(in fact the Prince was lifeless in his dance...
do not even speak about his face expressions...
A ballet dancer is an actor
and he should play his role properly.
I pay a big attention to this element)

it was a simply fun.
Well-made, beautifully coloured journey
deeply inside a fairy tale world.

Want to now more about this performance?
You can check a reportage here
(with different dancers)

Photos stolen from the Internet
to beautify my blog:

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  1. Ślicznie wyglądasz! wszystko tak ładnie dobrane. I świetnie Ci pasuje ta peruka.