środa, 30 stycznia 2013

Carmen opera

Not sure if I am able to write
something more constructive 
about the opera Carmen I saw yesterday...
In fact I do not even want to try...
opera is just my new love...
so I want to allow my emotions overflow..
there will be time to read about it, 
to broaden my knowledge...
now I am in love with my new love ^__^

(from interia site)

Today no learning...
Simply listening to music from Carmen^^
and no-lifing on the Internet :D

Btw my outfit for the opera.

piątek, 25 stycznia 2013

New shoes

My new winter shoes^^
(I know a little too late...)
They were customized for me
It is not Lolita shop,
but they made them perfectly :3
I am really fed up with terribly quality
of Bodyline or taobao shoes... 
(specially my boots from Bodyline
made me crazy...
just after two months of wearing them
they look so terribly...)
so I think I will start buying custom ones.

wtorek, 22 stycznia 2013

Exams, illness and AoW

Exams are coming...
Sometimes I think why I even decided to study management..
culture management in fact... but still XD

What's worse.. I am ill...
I know perfect timing....

But one good thing ....

Big package with many Asia on Wave arrived.
Finally ^.^
So happy to keep it in my hands :3
Time to start distribution in Cracow :333

poniedziałek, 21 stycznia 2013

Ballet about coffee

So yesterday I went to see Ballet about coffee with Bach's music.
The concept was taken from baroque fantasy ballet performances
and generally the choreography was based on baroque dance.

Thanks to my internship I was able to come backstage
too see a rehearsal.
It was my first time to see a ballet from this perspective
so I was really really excited.
I thought that seeing dancers without costumes and in more informal atmosphere
will break the general charm in some way.
It showed to be untrue.
Even like that they still seemed to be like whirling beauties
from the other world.

Then I also helped with putting make-up
on little ballet dancers.
Now when I think about it it seems really amazing
that life sometimes gives you chance to do things
you never guessed you will ever try.

Just this small thought brings me back faith into life.

Then I was distrubuting performance programs
and I have to admit that it was really funny
that people of course thought that my Lolita clothes
are just my work uniform XD

Then finally ballet ^^
It was like... afternoon coffee with you best friend in a small and cosy cafe.
Humorous (I was smiling to myself all performance XD), relaxing, but still perfect in its form
and somehow making you warm somewhere deep.
Exactly like coffee. You just enjoy its taste, its smell and your lovely companion.
Nothing more.

Just reminded myself about the ethopian saying

When you are worried - drink coffee
when you are happy - drink coffe
when you are tired - drink coffe

That is so true.
But if coffee has such an impact, just imagine the power of ballet about coffe!

Oh such a taste and how perfect was it served!

(I forgot to take my camera
so no photos from this day
... just a pic stolen from their website
in fact it is from the performance 
with different dancers)

środa, 16 stycznia 2013

"Chess" by The Court Ballet

Seems like I have delays on my blog...
so today
I would like to post about a dance performance
I saw on Sunday.

"Chess" performed by The Court Ballet
"Cracovia Danza".
First performance from a new dance series.

As I am making my internship there
I was even more excited that usual
and did my best to promote the event.

(pic from their website)

If you have never heard about this ballet
you should definitely check it.
What they create is the fully visual effect:
dance, music and gorgeous historical clothes
which will help you to discover history,
but what is even more important
to get a trip to the aestheticsland
to satisfy all your senses. 

"Chess" is based on Polish poem 
by Jan Kochanowski
which thanks to the dance interpretation
turned into a beautiful and at he same time humorous fairy tale.
As I always say such fantasy stories
can not have better way of expression 
than by using dance.
Suddenly all world is made vivid and alive.

My outfit for this day

Wondering what I have on my head?
New accessory from taobao
arrived just on time ^^

For the end photo with my friend :3
Prepare for such  a spam very often XD

piątek, 11 stycznia 2013

AoW released!

This post is directed to Polish readers,
but as this blog is in English
I will keep the language. 

Asia on Wave
our magazine about Asia is finally released.
So many efforts was put into it. 
We did our best....
It took such a long time...
but finally the dream has come true.

I really wait for all your opinions, remarks, critics
(but no hating just for hating...
as some people already did...)
so we can make progress in a future.

You can also pick it up personally 

In Cracow you can pick it up from me.

Reserve, reserve ^____^

środa, 9 stycznia 2013

'Young Poland', magic door and chocolate

Some pics from Sunday
when I went to a museum 
to see an exhibition about 
Młoda Polska period (Young Poland ).

With Menoa

The exhibition

And take a look what we have found close to the museum haha XD
Magic door to a different world xD

After the museum: hot chocolate :3

And for the end
photo with my dear friend^^
(playing with her new ipod haha XD)
As always my fringe does not go according to my wishes ...
(Yes, even fringe... do not even ask about my life xD)

poniedziałek, 7 stycznia 2013

Hair, food and shopping

Most random post ever,
but still I enjoy writing it
so this is the only thing that matters XD

New hair as you saw them before. 

Once again I used this hairdye.
It is very delicate and does not make me allergic
(which is a miracle!).
My hair is much stronger after using it.
Coloring effect and the kind of conditioner in one.

Now some random buys.

Brushes in Claire's.
Oh sales time in this shop is always <3
Now I am doing my best in learning
how to use them properly.

And a sweater in KappAhl
of course in child section:
nothing new.
Much funnier is the fact
that the sweater is for children with 134-140 cm...XD

And new things from Ergi by Pirattesan^^
I won their gift voucher :>

And for the end photos of food XD
Just to make this post more random :>

niedziela, 6 stycznia 2013

Little Lladia

I have already posted it on my fbk, but I want this photo 
to appear here as well.

Little Lladia.
Don't you think that my style hasn't changed 
so much since my childhood?
As a teenager my style was completely different,
so I can say that now 
I came back to my roots^^

wtorek, 1 stycznia 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year for all of you^^

My plans for 2013?

(From Kawaii girl Japan bounenkai)

Well... of course that I have some more specific plans
and I will try to realize them, but I do my best 
to concentrate on small things the hardest.
Living prettily every day is my gun against all failures and disappointments.
The rest is just an option.

To start New Year with a smile
my new dress:
(remember?... last year I bought Twinkle Dreaming Princess jsk...
seems like it becomes the kind of a tradition^^)

As you see I am turning into classic more and more^^

I also dyed my hair into chocolate brown.
Sorry for such a pic, but my non make-up face is not something to show XD