piątek, 11 stycznia 2013

AoW released!

This post is directed to Polish readers,
but as this blog is in English
I will keep the language. 

Asia on Wave
our magazine about Asia is finally released.
So many efforts was put into it. 
We did our best....
It took such a long time...
but finally the dream has come true.

I really wait for all your opinions, remarks, critics
(but no hating just for hating...
as some people already did...)
so we can make progress in a future.

You can also pick it up personally 

In Cracow you can pick it up from me.

Reserve, reserve ^____^

2 komentarze:

  1. Oo, ciekawa jestem, czy Wasze pismo będzie dostępne w Warszawskiej Komikslandii. Zapowiada się ciekawie :)

  2. Tak, tak będzie dostępne w Komikslandii ^.^