poniedziałek, 21 stycznia 2013

Ballet about coffee

So yesterday I went to see Ballet about coffee with Bach's music.
The concept was taken from baroque fantasy ballet performances
and generally the choreography was based on baroque dance.

Thanks to my internship I was able to come backstage
too see a rehearsal.
It was my first time to see a ballet from this perspective
so I was really really excited.
I thought that seeing dancers without costumes and in more informal atmosphere
will break the general charm in some way.
It showed to be untrue.
Even like that they still seemed to be like whirling beauties
from the other world.

Then I also helped with putting make-up
on little ballet dancers.
Now when I think about it it seems really amazing
that life sometimes gives you chance to do things
you never guessed you will ever try.

Just this small thought brings me back faith into life.

Then I was distrubuting performance programs
and I have to admit that it was really funny
that people of course thought that my Lolita clothes
are just my work uniform XD

Then finally ballet ^^
It was like... afternoon coffee with you best friend in a small and cosy cafe.
Humorous (I was smiling to myself all performance XD), relaxing, but still perfect in its form
and somehow making you warm somewhere deep.
Exactly like coffee. You just enjoy its taste, its smell and your lovely companion.
Nothing more.

Just reminded myself about the ethopian saying

When you are worried - drink coffee
when you are happy - drink coffe
when you are tired - drink coffe

That is so true.
But if coffee has such an impact, just imagine the power of ballet about coffe!

Oh such a taste and how perfect was it served!

(I forgot to take my camera
so no photos from this day
... just a pic stolen from their website
in fact it is from the performance 
with different dancers)

2 komentarze:

  1. It's really amazing to see the work that gets put into every performance, by dancers, perfumers, directors, performers, technical staff... You come to appreciate it more.

    I miss being a theatre student.

  2. Oh yes it is <3

    You were a theatre student? Amazing!