środa, 9 stycznia 2013

'Young Poland', magic door and chocolate

Some pics from Sunday
when I went to a museum 
to see an exhibition about 
Młoda Polska period (Young Poland ).

With Menoa

The exhibition

And take a look what we have found close to the museum haha XD
Magic door to a different world xD

After the museum: hot chocolate :3

And for the end
photo with my dear friend^^
(playing with her new ipod haha XD)
As always my fringe does not go according to my wishes ...
(Yes, even fringe... do not even ask about my life xD)

2 komentarze:

  1. I love your cape n . n, and you have pretty pictures. You are lucky to be able to see this exhibition, I like polish painting, but it's hard to find polish paintings in france =/ .

  2. thank you!
    Oh yes I also love it ;3