środa, 16 stycznia 2013

"Chess" by The Court Ballet

Seems like I have delays on my blog...
so today
I would like to post about a dance performance
I saw on Sunday.

"Chess" performed by The Court Ballet
"Cracovia Danza".
First performance from a new dance series.

As I am making my internship there
I was even more excited that usual
and did my best to promote the event.

(pic from their website)

If you have never heard about this ballet
you should definitely check it.
What they create is the fully visual effect:
dance, music and gorgeous historical clothes
which will help you to discover history,
but what is even more important
to get a trip to the aestheticsland
to satisfy all your senses. 

"Chess" is based on Polish poem 
by Jan Kochanowski
which thanks to the dance interpretation
turned into a beautiful and at he same time humorous fairy tale.
As I always say such fantasy stories
can not have better way of expression 
than by using dance.
Suddenly all world is made vivid and alive.

My outfit for this day

Wondering what I have on my head?
New accessory from taobao
arrived just on time ^^

For the end photo with my friend :3
Prepare for such  a spam very often XD

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