czwartek, 31 marca 2011

My new friend Ponio-chan

I love ponies so much since I was a child
Even now....
I could not resist temptation...and bought a next one
so my new friend♥

He accompanied me today on my lectures
 about Japanese and Chinese aesthetics. 
I had strange feeling that he understood Kitaro Nishida's philosophy better than me.
And at least he kept his eyes wide open all the time. 
I am not so sure about mine XD

wtorek, 29 marca 2011

Shiki and Angelic Pretty^^

I liked Sunako (character from anime Shiki) since the beginning. 
(No.. not only because of her clothes...
in fact majority of her clothes is too dark for me
it was her personality that was so appealing. 
She is exactly my favourite's anime type
cute and dark in the same time
split personality full of deep sadness).

But her outfit in 19th episode....
in such dramatic moment
(after Chizuru's death which made me cry..)

Yes! It is Angelic Pretty dress!
I liked this dress before but after seeing it here....
I fell in love much more....

Queen playing cards OP

and matching bonnet

And Sunako wearing it♥

And some screenshots taken by me:

I was never into cosplaying before, but now....
In fact it would not be even real cosplay.
I would wear this dress daily then.
Eh my new anime love
I need to start reading manga quickly.

By the way AP dress in not the only Shiki- Laforet collaboration.
Take a look here.

poniedziałek, 28 marca 2011

Small beauty

I do not work now so I can not afford any dress (too many concerts!) so just to wipe my tears I bought small cuteness♥
Just looking at things like that makes me smile.

(photo is by Dolly not me) 

niedziela, 27 marca 2011

Room in pink and violet....

Pink and violet are my favourite colors...

Just found this shop today.

I want it so badly....
My heart is broken....

If you say that money does not give happiness probably you do not know where to shop!!!

sobota, 26 marca 2011

Gothic Lolita wig's contest

Here is my photo for this contest.
It is final round. 

If you like it please vote here.
You need of course facebook account and before voting you have to like main GLW page.

Thank you:* ♥♥♥

piątek, 25 marca 2011

Me in glasses!

I put stickers on my glasses^^ 
Now they look much cuter, don't they? ♥ 
By the way I don't have make up and contact lenses here O_O

czwartek, 24 marca 2011

I was made for lovin' you baby

Just by chance I have found KISS's song.
The title is "I was made for lovin' you"

I was made for lovin' you baby
You were made for lovin' me
And I can't get enough of you baby
Can you get enough of me?
Tonight I wanna see it in your eyes
Feel the magic, there's something that drives me wild
And tonight we're gonna make it all come true

I was made for lovin' you baby
You were made for lovin' me
And I can't give it all to you baby
Can you give it all to me?
Can't get enough
I can't get enough
I can't get enough
Why this song drew my attention at all?

Because here is the Baby I was made for loving.  And I can't get enough.
Can I give all (money) to my Baby? Haha This song suits perfectly.

By the way it reminded me of Kamikaze girls
When Momoko was asked to do the rose embroidery on Jumper skirt she opposed in the beginning. 
But then she realized that JSK was born to have rose embroidery, but it this missing.
 It was the same like she being born to wear Baby's clothes not being allowed to wear it. 
Finally she agreed to do it. 

This JSK without the embroidery:

like a child crying not being able to find her real self..... 

wtorek, 22 marca 2011

People give me toys XD

Some time ago one workmate gave me Hello Kitty's figure.

Today one guy from German course gave me Hello Kitty's toy from McDonald. He just did not need it and I will like it for sure XD

When you touch the ribbon the flower shines.
It seems like I have orphanage for unneeded toys♥ 
Anyone has poor, forgotten toy that need some love?

BTW one friend also promised me her old porcelain doll. ^^

poniedziałek, 21 marca 2011

Cloudia - the princess of clouds

Today is my Name's Day.
As most of you know I really do not like my name. I hate when somebody uses it. Specially if this is somebody who is close to me. It is really strange reaction even for me, when I consider that I have the same name like small vampire girl from Anne Rice's stories which I like.... (and it was Lestat who made her a vampire!).
But lately somebody named me Cloudia. My first reaction was No! Don't use this name, but then he explained that it is Cloudia not Claudia and it sounds like a person from clouds, girls living in clouds, when we go further princess of clouds. Don't you think it suits really good to such dreamy person like me?
I have almost finished liking my name (thank you my dear for it^^).

Next thing is that I associate Cloudia with Versailles's song After Cloudia.

To encounter those things I believe in
I always wish I could continue seeing them

I wake up from my dream and you're not here
Every time it makes me more depressed
I conceal my wounds and you disappear
Beneath the sunlight

(translation from here)

It all makes me think about my dream dress Twinkle dreaming princess.
And this mini hat♥
Close-up to the print

All this princess- connected things among clouds. Sweet dreams.
The first I wanted this dress in pink, but I think such navy blue or black not only shows print much better, but also has deeper meaning.
All images are scattered on dark night sky. 
Sky of life can look obscure and sad, but it does not really matter.
Nobody can take dreams hidden between clouds. 

sobota, 19 marca 2011

Recording TV talk show about Lolita Fashion

I was thinking really long time before I decided to take part in this TV talk show (Rozmowy w toku) together with other Polish lolitas. I knew that they are interested in people's stories not fashion, so it will be difficult to present fashion in a proper way or even present it at all. What they wanted was just private life which would be a good material to sell it to the viewers. I said in the beginning that I will not speak about private life and they finally accepted it so I decided to take a risk.
I just wanted to know people that something like Lolita fashion exists. I prefer to be called "lolita" instead of collecting shocked glances of all who have no idea what I am wearing. I do not need anybody to accept me. I only want people to know that it is a fashion from Japan and it has nothing to do with Nabokov's "Lolita" and picking up guys (no matter if they are young or old).
I am not sure if even this small goal was achieved. It depends of the way how they will edit it. It was too many questions about love relationships. Generally speaking they had their ideas which they just wanted to prove:
- it has sexual aspect- for example I have no idea why one of first question was about corset (which is not the most important thing in LF and not important at all in Sweet Loli style) which in their opinion is to model a figure, too look more sexy
- we are childish
- we are weirdos from different era who wear such clothes everyday and even in Japan they were it only for fun on weekends. It really made me mad when the host said that. In school they have to wear uniforms. In work outfits are also strictly determined so it is not that they wear it on weekends, but they wear it when they can! When I will start working maybe I will be forced to the similar thing...

I was in a first pair so I had a chance to see all talks, but of course I have no idea how it all will eventually look. What impression it will give. And still I do not really care. I just dream that maybe after it somebody will decide to make another program which will show more true face of Lolita Fashion.
It is also very strange that they wanted only Sweet Lolis (even if in Poland is much more Goth or Classic Lolis). Talking about LF and showing just girls in pink is absolutely stupid and it loses the essence of the style. LF is very fluent. Sometimes it is even difficult to decide which style somebody wears. A lot of girls change style with a lapse of time. Let's quote Carmen Yuen who said that an essence of LF lies in a real tension between cuteness and innocence combined with a little bit of darkness and morbidity. 

As for me even AmaLoli has her darker site. In my head Hello Kitty lives next to Anne Rice's vampires. It was not important for them. Their goal was to show a girl in a candy necklace and bunny-eared coat. That is all. It is easier to live in a simplified world. 
One girl in pink said that she just bough dress with coffins (Vampire Requiem), but I am sure that they will cut it. It will not suit to their scheme. 

What seemed interesting to me is that almost all girls said that LF is only fashion for them nothing more. I accept it, but for me it is much more. It is my style of living. Fashion, behaviour and even way of thinking.

Gothic & Lolita ---- It's not a style, but fate.

Gothic & Lolita ---- Not a fad, but a raison de etre. 

Goshikku & roriitaa ---- sore wa sutairu ja naku shokumei.
Goshikku & roriitaa ---- sore wa de wa naku sonzai riyuu.

This is how I think. For me LF is a power to live. It is expression of my Wonderland in which I live in my head. It is one of a few things which I have never changed no matter how big power I would have to create my life according to my wish. Call me naive and childish, but this is the way I am.
I hate cooking. I can not sewing and even I have no urge to make jewelery and any accessories by myself. Living lolita lifestyle is something different for me.  It means living in dreams. It means feeling like a princess surrounded by pretty things.

Going back to the main theme I have to admit that it was really tiring day, full of tears, nerves. Our faces were sadder than this of girls who were talking about being molested by priests (love this text XD).
It was a good experience. All girls looked absolutely beautiful to the limit that I felt like hugging them all.
I made a few pics:

If it comes to my coord I do not have any photo. I forgot about myself XD
So you have to wait for the emission.
The only think I can show are my nails. 
I wore artificial nails for the first time and  it was so annoying that I do not think to decide to wear it again.... I put them all away the same day after coming back home. 

One of lolitas had Jesus Diamante Rose Mules which always seemed pretty for me, but after seeing them alive ♥_♥.....
Admire this beauty

Take a look at another JD shoes I have found 

Quite strange that program about Lolita Fashion made me into Hime gyaru mood ^^ 

piątek, 18 marca 2011

Beauty of Budapest

Other pics from Budapest can be found on my and my friends' fbk.
Here I just want to post some cuteness which I have found there.
So we visited Lolita (and jrock fashion) shop called Black Ichigo! Real lolita shop. There was not any burando stuff (and I did not like a lace of their dresses) so finally I did not buy anything, but just by visiting such shop I felt happy.

The seller of this shop was really cute♥
When we were going back from the shop I saw three lolis!
Budapest can be proud of having real lolita shop:)

There is also manga shop in Budapest! They are way too lucky to have it in their city! 
So all of us in Sakurazaka^^

And what I bough there^^

And Pandora Hearts postcards!!! I chose all with Vincent and Echo♥♥♥

And they gave me box for free^^

Budapest has more amazing shops!
Old toys and porcelain dolls! 
(photo by Elfi)

We ate in Korean, Chinese and Japanese restaurant^^ My sushi not only looked amazing, but was absolutely delicious^^ 

So now more cuteness^^

Unfortunately it was Sunday so we could not go inside T__T 

And now beautiful old carousel. Finally we did not go into this fairground which was the biggest disappointment for me, but at least I could see it from outside. 
Next time I will be in Budapest I have to go inside.... (maybe I will have Sugary Carnival this time... please let me dream...)

And now my favourite place. Does not it look straight like from a fairytale?
I want to live here with my vampire prince Kamijo♥

Thank you for watching my selective Budapest tour^^

Girugamesh concert 12 III

Let's start with concert report. Quick description of time spent in Budapest will come later.
On the day of concert we went to manga shop, then for a dinner, finally we reached home to spent a lot of time for hair stylizing (in fact Yuki made it for us :*).
We arrived really late for the Diesel club. I have to admit that it was the first time I arrived so late for a concert... We were quite shocked, that all people were already standing in a queue which at first glance seemed short, but after we took a turn we realized it is much longer then we expected...
Forget about standing in a front and seeing anything- I though, but my regret was not so big as you can think, because I am not really Giru's fan.
It was other think that could not go out of my head. This is exactly the same club. Exactly the same place I saw my prince Kamijo last year... I felt a little guilty thinking about Versailles when waiting for Girugamesh, but I could not help it. I was staying there, not talking at all and thinking about Kamijo.
Girls were enjoying their beers and sparring with bokens (!). And I forgot my soap bubble so I had nothing to play T_T

The same park, the same building... My beloved Diesel Club.

And Here we are

(photos by Elfi so she is not on the photo T_T)

wtorek, 8 marca 2011

One big mess

One big mess

If you have facebook please help me in this contest^^
Just click like it. Thank you ^___^

Tomorrow I have big test from Japanese ( I almost haven't learned.... *useless*), on Thursday I go to Budapest for Girugamesh concert (*excited*). They asked me to take part in some kind of talk show in tv (they ask all Polish lolitas; I am not even sure if I want to go, *confused*) and my lovely swimmer headphones are broken (*sad*).
My head is all a mess.

My pic taken from Flaneurbook

This shoes don't suit at all. Anyway I don't have pink boots 
(I have reservation, but I still wait for them...)