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Girugamesh concert 12 III

Let's start with concert report. Quick description of time spent in Budapest will come later.
On the day of concert we went to manga shop, then for a dinner, finally we reached home to spent a lot of time for hair stylizing (in fact Yuki made it for us :*).
We arrived really late for the Diesel club. I have to admit that it was the first time I arrived so late for a concert... We were quite shocked, that all people were already standing in a queue which at first glance seemed short, but after we took a turn we realized it is much longer then we expected...
Forget about standing in a front and seeing anything- I though, but my regret was not so big as you can think, because I am not really Giru's fan.
It was other think that could not go out of my head. This is exactly the same club. Exactly the same place I saw my prince Kamijo last year... I felt a little guilty thinking about Versailles when waiting for Girugamesh, but I could not help it. I was staying there, not talking at all and thinking about Kamijo.
Girls were enjoying their beers and sparring with bokens (!). And I forgot my soap bubble so I had nothing to play T_T

The same park, the same building... My beloved Diesel Club.

And Here we are

(photos by Elfi so she is not on the photo T_T)

There was a lot of people inside, but some of them were just standing or sitting in the back. Even before the concert I landed much more closer than I though in the beginning. Finally I reached 6/7 row (together with Yuki and Kenroh was in 4!). I could try to fight for being closer (people did not make any resistance O_o), but in fact my place was good. I saw Satoshi pretty well and I did not want to finally stuck somewhere behind a tall person so I just guarded my place. 
I have to say that it was the most delicate concert from all I have attended so far. 

Here is the setlist (taken from Internet): 

now (intro) 
bit crash 
Endless wing 
driving time 
13 days 
I think I can fly 
Never ending story 

Break Down 

I like Break down and could accept Destiny. But this is all. There was not Kowarete iku sekai or Aimai no mikaku which I absolutely love. Some of this songs was so boring, that I could not find enough power to pick up my hands. COLOR is really good song (and a new one) and they even omitted it! Shame!

After reading this you can think that the concert was a complete failure. Nothing like that! 
Satoshi's face expression were priceless. I can say that it was worth going to this concert only for seeing his face. The way he licked his lips... showed his tongue.. He tried to look dangerous, but he was still very cute (more than crazy). It is even difficult to describe it! I could not take my sight from him. And in fact objectively speaking his face is really pretty (it's really true.. I am writing what I saw. I am not his fan or anything). 
Ryo seemed really cute and small. And when he said see you next time in the end it was very sweet and almost girlish. 
Shu did not steal my heart. Or worse.. I have started disliking him.. His way of moving was annoying and his face seemed unfriendly. He was wearing Adidas T-shirt and a kilt!I will not comment this combination....
And it was terribly impolite when he asked us: Are you ready? Are you crazy? Are you stupid? People were screaming.. How can you name me stupid when I let you earn money being here?! 
I did not look so much on Nii so I will skip writing about him (Satoshi took all my attention^^). 
They threw only two guitar picks what was a little disappointing... At least sounds quality was much better than last year.
We didn't waited for them, because they had concert next day so that was no hope they would come. 
Coming back home was the worst experience of this day.  It was a football match and there was a lot of drunk people on streets. All were shouting nyuszi (bunny) and tried even to touch me. Fortunately I had Kenroh there so I did not have to be afraid, but it really made me mad inside. 

In the end I will just add that like every concert this one also gave me energy to live. I feel recharged. When I was standing in front of the scene I did not think about Kamijo anymore. I could just enjoy a while. I realized that during concert when I am looking at their pretty faces and listening to their songs (no matter what band it is) I am smiling all the time. Nothing can stop time the way a concert does. It is like katharsis. I feel much more better now. 

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