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Recording TV talk show about Lolita Fashion

I was thinking really long time before I decided to take part in this TV talk show (Rozmowy w toku) together with other Polish lolitas. I knew that they are interested in people's stories not fashion, so it will be difficult to present fashion in a proper way or even present it at all. What they wanted was just private life which would be a good material to sell it to the viewers. I said in the beginning that I will not speak about private life and they finally accepted it so I decided to take a risk.
I just wanted to know people that something like Lolita fashion exists. I prefer to be called "lolita" instead of collecting shocked glances of all who have no idea what I am wearing. I do not need anybody to accept me. I only want people to know that it is a fashion from Japan and it has nothing to do with Nabokov's "Lolita" and picking up guys (no matter if they are young or old).
I am not sure if even this small goal was achieved. It depends of the way how they will edit it. It was too many questions about love relationships. Generally speaking they had their ideas which they just wanted to prove:
- it has sexual aspect- for example I have no idea why one of first question was about corset (which is not the most important thing in LF and not important at all in Sweet Loli style) which in their opinion is to model a figure, too look more sexy
- we are childish
- we are weirdos from different era who wear such clothes everyday and even in Japan they were it only for fun on weekends. It really made me mad when the host said that. In school they have to wear uniforms. In work outfits are also strictly determined so it is not that they wear it on weekends, but they wear it when they can! When I will start working maybe I will be forced to the similar thing...

I was in a first pair so I had a chance to see all talks, but of course I have no idea how it all will eventually look. What impression it will give. And still I do not really care. I just dream that maybe after it somebody will decide to make another program which will show more true face of Lolita Fashion.
It is also very strange that they wanted only Sweet Lolis (even if in Poland is much more Goth or Classic Lolis). Talking about LF and showing just girls in pink is absolutely stupid and it loses the essence of the style. LF is very fluent. Sometimes it is even difficult to decide which style somebody wears. A lot of girls change style with a lapse of time. Let's quote Carmen Yuen who said that an essence of LF lies in a real tension between cuteness and innocence combined with a little bit of darkness and morbidity. 

As for me even AmaLoli has her darker site. In my head Hello Kitty lives next to Anne Rice's vampires. It was not important for them. Their goal was to show a girl in a candy necklace and bunny-eared coat. That is all. It is easier to live in a simplified world. 
One girl in pink said that she just bough dress with coffins (Vampire Requiem), but I am sure that they will cut it. It will not suit to their scheme. 

What seemed interesting to me is that almost all girls said that LF is only fashion for them nothing more. I accept it, but for me it is much more. It is my style of living. Fashion, behaviour and even way of thinking.

Gothic & Lolita ---- It's not a style, but fate.

Gothic & Lolita ---- Not a fad, but a raison de etre. 

Goshikku & roriitaa ---- sore wa sutairu ja naku shokumei.
Goshikku & roriitaa ---- sore wa de wa naku sonzai riyuu.

This is how I think. For me LF is a power to live. It is expression of my Wonderland in which I live in my head. It is one of a few things which I have never changed no matter how big power I would have to create my life according to my wish. Call me naive and childish, but this is the way I am.
I hate cooking. I can not sewing and even I have no urge to make jewelery and any accessories by myself. Living lolita lifestyle is something different for me.  It means living in dreams. It means feeling like a princess surrounded by pretty things.

Going back to the main theme I have to admit that it was really tiring day, full of tears, nerves. Our faces were sadder than this of girls who were talking about being molested by priests (love this text XD).
It was a good experience. All girls looked absolutely beautiful to the limit that I felt like hugging them all.
I made a few pics:

If it comes to my coord I do not have any photo. I forgot about myself XD
So you have to wait for the emission.
The only think I can show are my nails. 
I wore artificial nails for the first time and  it was so annoying that I do not think to decide to wear it again.... I put them all away the same day after coming back home. 

One of lolitas had Jesus Diamante Rose Mules which always seemed pretty for me, but after seeing them alive ♥_♥.....
Admire this beauty

Take a look at another JD shoes I have found 

Quite strange that program about Lolita Fashion made me into Hime gyaru mood ^^ 

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  1. dlatego nie chodzi sie do tego programu. robia tam z ludzi idiotów a to co inne patrza stereotypowo.
    wiecej to szkód narobi niż pomoże.

  2. Wcale nie żałuję, że tam poszłam. Szkód raczej nie narobi, a może przynajmniej samo pojęcię stanie się w miarę oswojone:)A może potem będzie jakiś inny program. Może kogoś to natchnie.