piątek, 18 marca 2011

Beauty of Budapest

Other pics from Budapest can be found on my and my friends' fbk.
Here I just want to post some cuteness which I have found there.
So we visited Lolita (and jrock fashion) shop called Black Ichigo! Real lolita shop. There was not any burando stuff (and I did not like a lace of their dresses) so finally I did not buy anything, but just by visiting such shop I felt happy.

The seller of this shop was really cute♥
When we were going back from the shop I saw three lolis!
Budapest can be proud of having real lolita shop:)

There is also manga shop in Budapest! They are way too lucky to have it in their city! 
So all of us in Sakurazaka^^

And what I bough there^^

And Pandora Hearts postcards!!! I chose all with Vincent and Echo♥♥♥

And they gave me box for free^^

Budapest has more amazing shops!
Old toys and porcelain dolls! 
(photo by Elfi)

We ate in Korean, Chinese and Japanese restaurant^^ My sushi not only looked amazing, but was absolutely delicious^^ 

So now more cuteness^^

Unfortunately it was Sunday so we could not go inside T__T 

And now beautiful old carousel. Finally we did not go into this fairground which was the biggest disappointment for me, but at least I could see it from outside. 
Next time I will be in Budapest I have to go inside.... (maybe I will have Sugary Carnival this time... please let me dream...)

And now my favourite place. Does not it look straight like from a fairytale?
I want to live here with my vampire prince Kamijo♥

Thank you for watching my selective Budapest tour^^

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