niedziela, 27 kwietnia 2014

I’ve been dreaming that I was a ballerina...

My red, red shoes...
But in fact I am not going to write about red shoes.
I already did it here
(I am fascinated by this motif)
if you want to check.
This time I mostly want to
share my new obsession.
Two months ago
(oh it's already two months!)
I started taking ballet lessons.

(Pics are random,
I will make better ones in the future)

Except the apparent senselessness of it,
except being all busy..
I absolutely fell in love with it.
I try to do stretching and steps exercises everyday.
Sometimes when being all angry or depressed
it helps so much...

Except my pure pleasure
it also helps me to understand performances better.
I heard many times about all this "ballet corset",
but now I know or rather feel what it means on myself.
It is like touching the essence of this art.
I am almost moved.

I’ve been dreaming that I was a ballerina, 
and that I was spending my whole life dancing as lightly as a butterfly.
Anna Pavlova

piątek, 18 kwietnia 2014

New clothes

My new clothes arrived :3
I spent a few hours ironing them,
but here they are.
All my dear babes <3
(my new strategy lately
is ironing when listening
to Swan Lake xD
It somehow made the work
going smoothly ;) )

Let's start with
the gorgeous golden blouse
from Lady Sloth.
It melted with the colour
of my blanket xD

Brocade <3

Dresses from Miss Point.
Their quality is really high!

This one is Jane Eyre inspired

Jacquard dress

Detachable jabot

Now my love from the first sight
Krad Lanrete Marie SK

Some close-ups
The print is so full of details <3
I am in love *.*


A few things from Ruis Collection

Oh I am rolling from happiness right now <333

wtorek, 15 kwietnia 2014

Poznan, Parsifal and Takarazuka

I would like to post a few pics
from my trip to Poznań.
I went there for the conference about Asia
for students and young scholars.

My luggage
Anna Karenina for the long way
and my ballet shoes
to not miss my everyday's exercises
(have I written here that 
I started taking ballet lessons?) 

The conference was really interesting.
I listened to a lot of lectures
which were about the part of Asia
rather far from my academic field
and it is always so refreshing!
For example about Gagauz people
and the symbol of wolf in their culture.

It is also worth mentioning 
that I met one visual kei fan
which encouraged me
to explore Takarazuka world closer.
Even thought I enjoyed the idea 
of this theater for a long time
I did not have time/ motivation to look at it closer.
But oh gosh after seeing the character of Death
in Elisabeth I feel fully motivated to change it!

Death looking like Kamijo.
I am absolutely charmed by the idea of Death
looking like a beautiful, long-haired man
who continually follows my dear Sissi.

Sissi longed for Death. She was fascinated by it.
Was it because she imagined it as the delicate, 
but dangerous man,
mysterious and charming?
The Kingdom of Dead
with its secret charm
suited her better than
Austrian Empire
with stiff and plain Franz Joseph.

Watch this :3

Oh, I was going to write about Poznan.
So a few pics.
Love the colorful tenement houses.

This place.
Kaya. Satsuki. Memories:3

And finally: opera.
Of course I could not miss it.
I am so jealous!
Poznan has such a beautiful opera!
Perfectly located: close to the castle and park
and classical in its forms with sophisticated interiors.

Pegasus on the roof
taking you up with every sound



Together with my aunt I went
to see Wagner's Parsifal.
And what can I say..
this opera got the better of me.
Maybe not even opera itself,
but Wagner's music definitely did it.
It was my first time hearing his music live
and I am simply speechless.
When hearing it on my computer and on tv
it was always like
so that's Wagner, that's nice,
but live... omg it's so monumental, mighty..
you simply feel like losing ground..
I have no idea what the story was about...
in fact the production design was poor,
the same like costumes and singer's acting...
so it only helped me to forget
that this even has any plot..
The music won it all.
I just remember myself
when looking at this gorgeous chandelier
with the full surprise that it is still in its place.
How can it bear all this power without
the dramatic fall on the ground which this music deserved?