piątek, 18 kwietnia 2014

New clothes

My new clothes arrived :3
I spent a few hours ironing them,
but here they are.
All my dear babes <3
(my new strategy lately
is ironing when listening
to Swan Lake xD
It somehow made the work
going smoothly ;) )

Let's start with
the gorgeous golden blouse
from Lady Sloth.
It melted with the colour
of my blanket xD

Brocade <3

Dresses from Miss Point.
Their quality is really high!

This one is Jane Eyre inspired

Jacquard dress

Detachable jabot

Now my love from the first sight
Krad Lanrete Marie SK

Some close-ups
The print is so full of details <3
I am in love *.*


A few things from Ruis Collection

Oh I am rolling from happiness right now <333

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