niedziela, 27 kwietnia 2014

I’ve been dreaming that I was a ballerina...

My red, red shoes...
But in fact I am not going to write about red shoes.
I already did it here
(I am fascinated by this motif)
if you want to check.
This time I mostly want to
share my new obsession.
Two months ago
(oh it's already two months!)
I started taking ballet lessons.

(Pics are random,
I will make better ones in the future)

Except the apparent senselessness of it,
except being all busy..
I absolutely fell in love with it.
I try to do stretching and steps exercises everyday.
Sometimes when being all angry or depressed
it helps so much...

Except my pure pleasure
it also helps me to understand performances better.
I heard many times about all this "ballet corset",
but now I know or rather feel what it means on myself.
It is like touching the essence of this art.
I am almost moved.

I’ve been dreaming that I was a ballerina, 
and that I was spending my whole life dancing as lightly as a butterfly.
Anna Pavlova

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