środa, 29 lutego 2012

Shoes R.I.P

*Preparations in progress*

When I packed my new RHS for the concert
I just had a thought that I should write this post 
to say 'thank you' for my old one,
which will not be used anymore.

They were my first Lolita shoes
and we survived so many amazing (the best I think)
moments together^^
They are breaking apart now,
but I will never forget all this whiles^^
So thank you my poor Shoes-chan.

Where they were with me?
(there is not a full concert list, because 
on a few concerts I was wearing different shoes):
Japan Expo 2009
Versailles' concert in Budapest
Gackt's concert in Paris
Despairs Ray in Warsaw
Miyavi in Gdańsk
Girugamesh in Budapest
D in Breslau
X-Japan in Berlin
Gackt in Warsaw
Versailles in Cracow

Yes, Versailles was their last gig^^
I will put them somewhere deep in my wardrobe,
because I am not able to throw them out.

Let's start 2nd concert era^^
With them:

niedziela, 26 lutego 2012

Georges Clairin

Do you know Georges Clairin?
He is the French painter from XIX century.
He mostly painted Sarah Bernhardt,
the actress who was known from a little strange habits 
(like sleeping in a coffin XD)
Never mind.
A few of his paintings I find the best ^^

This one is the prettiest in my opinion ^^



This movie was almost perfect.
Plot, characters, strong emotions, music, interiors and costumes.
Everything that a good movie needs.
You can even see longer fragments of operas^^
Relation between Mozart and Salieri
is so reliable.
Admiration and hate. 
Love and obsession.
I somehow understand him better than I should...
A story in story makes it all more dramatic. 

It does not matter that the story is not true.
Who even need a reality?

(btw after watching costume movies I am always sad...
why I do not live in such times O_o

Sometimes is not necessary there...

Song for today: Lacrimosa <3

piątek, 24 lutego 2012

Pink blouse, JLPT and Starbucks

So it is just one week!!!
I CAN NOT BELIEVE. OMG Is it even possible?!

Today when I came back home
two deliveries were waiting for me^_^

The first: one new Bodyline blouse <3

So many laces and frills *_*

The second one was the results of JLPT exam^^
Well, N4 was a little too easy for me...
but I have never expected that I will get 180/180 points O_o
I feel like Jareth sent some small goblins
to correct my test.
Okay Jareth... I know you love me, but this is ridiculous!
Who can even believe it O_o

It just reminded me about photos from the exam day^^
I forgot about them^^

I like this one^^

How to celebrate it?
Starbucks of course ^____^
Best idea for (every) Friday afternoon^^

And btw I saw so many glittering things in shops...
I need something glam!
A least something small^^ 

Song for today!!!
David Bowie -  Lady Grinning Soul
This man can not come from this world *_* 

poniedziałek, 20 lutego 2012

Dolce & Gabbana Rococo collection

After the yesterday's post about dandies
today more men's fashion^^
Have you seen Dolce&Gabbana collection from Fall 2006
inspired by Rococo period?
Stunning <333
I would dress Kamijo like that^^
(Eh... these models are so ugly...
Okay maybe my taste is twisted...XD)

The order is from the outfit 
I like the most to the least (but still gorgeous^^)

niedziela, 19 lutego 2012

Beau Brummell, Oscar Wilde and dandyism

Movie for today: 
Beau Brummell: This Charming Man.

The story about Beau Brummel,
the arbiter of elegance in XIX century's England.
He simplified men's outfit,
(you can somehow call it the precursor of a suit)
put away wigs and powder,
but in the same time he cared more for 
regular washing and shaving.
And spent a lot of hours everyday to make himself look perfect.
Elegant outfit combined with his unobjectionable manners,
refined language and cynic remarks
made him an ideal dandy.
Definitely charming man, isn't he?

Maybe I prefer a little more sophisticated clothes,
but who could resist to a such elegant man with perfect manners?
My thoughts go directly to my favorite writer and a dandy as well:
Oscar Wilde^^ 
So I will let quotes speak for myself. 
I did not want to post so many,
but they are all so amazing 
I could not choose^^

One should either be a work of Art, or wear a work of Art.

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. 

There is something terribly morbid in the modern sympathy with pain. 
One should sympathize with the color, the beauty, the joy of life. 
The less said about life's sores the better.

One's real life is so often the life that one does not lead.

Life imitates art far more than art imitates life.

It is through art, and through art only, that we can realize our perfection.

It is better to be beautiful than to be good. But... it is better to be good than to be ugly.

Illusion is the first of all pleasures.

I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.

I have nothing to declare but my genius.

Being a dandy is not only about clothes.
It is the state of a mind. 
The wish for creating one's life
as a living piece of art.

Just some pics to make the post more colorful^^

And for my personal pleasure
Ouji's spam^^

The dandy should aspire to be uninterruptedly sublime. 
He should live and sleep in front of a mirror
Charles Baudelaire 

sobota, 18 lutego 2012

Daily spam

Some random things today^^

First thing: TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(I am sure that everybody knows for what^^)

Second: a lovely cup which my friend gave me today <333
I am drinking a tea from it now ^^

Now video which enchanted me the most lately *_*

I want to the SUCH circus!

For the end...
Newest Babyssb print..
Is it destiny?
Or... I don't know...
exactly now when I got crazy about ballet....THIS

In fact I should write about my current biggest obsession,
but I try to not express my emotions too much here...
so I will just write his name and it should speak for itself^_^
David Bowie <3333

wtorek, 14 lutego 2012

Once upon a December

It's like a memory from a dream.

From my childhood dream^^
Anastasia was one of my favourite childhood movie^^
After so many years... I enjoyed it again. 
It was normal for a little girl to feel touched 
by the story of the lost princess,
but seems that I have not changed so much since I was around 10
when I saw it for the first time^^

One of the best part is when Anastasia is
in the palace for the first time after ten years
and memories come back to her.

Once upon a December
is my childhood's song^^
I tried to listen to it in as many languages as possible,
but Polish seems the best
(probably because of a sentiment...)
But check Russian one^^ Also cool^^ 
And Korean  and Japanese^^

Dancing bears
Painted wings
Things I almost remember,
And a song someone sings
once upon a december

niedziela, 12 lutego 2012

Little duck and her prince without a heart?

I planned this post ages ago...
but was too busy to write it
and now some of my thoughts are lost...
And I got involved in this anime too much 
and forgot to take screenshots or wrote down quotes.
Eh... this anime is worth writing a better post...

Never mind.
Princess Tutu?
It sounds dumb, right?
Magical girls? And ballet?
You can imagine something similar to
Card Captor Sakura (or even worse)
plus ballet which will make it even dumber.
Nothing more misleading.

What you get is an absolutely beautiful fairy tale
with ballet and classical music which creates even more magical atmosphere.
 Episodes are named after famous ballet stories
and this is not a coincidence, but you can find a connection within their content.
Ant this connection really makes sense. It seems natural. 

Once upon a time a man died.
His work was creating stories to tell other people.

This is how the story begins.
Like typical fairy tale.
The action takes place in a city with a ballet school
where stories come true.
There is a small duck who turned into a girl,
a prince who lost his heart,
crow's daughter
and a ballet teacher who is... a cat.

It can all sounds really childish and a little silly,
but in fact every second of this anime is a food for mind and eyes.

Welcome to the stage I've been saving. 
Now. tell me the best story that was ever told! Tell it to me with no regard for your lives! 

I will risk and say that it is one of the best story
I have ever seen.
This is one of this anime that I truly enjoy and find deeper meaning,
but I would also love to show it to my children one day.
It is just for everyone.
And if you additionally love ballet you will be in heaven. 

There is so many gorgeous AMV on the Internet...
when you start watching them.. prepare for losing at least a few hours...
I chose two of them to show^^

czwartek, 9 lutego 2012

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered...

We really made it!
Whatever people can say Polish fans are amazing:
D will come to Poland.
It is not all:
they will be in my Cracow!
I will skip my emotions..
let this exclamation mark speaks for itself.

This post is going to be about...
Return to Labyrinth.
Manga sequel to the movie Labyrinth.  
I was really shivering when reading it.
I could never accept the ending from the movie....
Manga takes place 13 years later...
and now it is Toby, Sarah's little brother,
who is chosen to be Jareth's heir.

I somehow hoped for a fairy tale ending.....

Sarah forgot about labyrinth 
and leaved her dreams behind.
Or maybe Jareth took them?
Didn't he want her to feel disappointed with life?

But then they meet again....

But this story can not have happy ending.... 
I was so naive to believe in it...

But well there are two kind of fantasy stories. 
One entirely take place in a made-up world.
The second one mixes make-believe with reality.
We must believe that there is no real difference between them.
That's why Sarah started writing stories. 

Good night.
My stories are waiting.