środa, 29 lutego 2012

Shoes R.I.P

*Preparations in progress*

When I packed my new RHS for the concert
I just had a thought that I should write this post 
to say 'thank you' for my old one,
which will not be used anymore.

They were my first Lolita shoes
and we survived so many amazing (the best I think)
moments together^^
They are breaking apart now,
but I will never forget all this whiles^^
So thank you my poor Shoes-chan.

Where they were with me?
(there is not a full concert list, because 
on a few concerts I was wearing different shoes):
Japan Expo 2009
Versailles' concert in Budapest
Gackt's concert in Paris
Despairs Ray in Warsaw
Miyavi in Gdańsk
Girugamesh in Budapest
D in Breslau
X-Japan in Berlin
Gackt in Warsaw
Versailles in Cracow

Yes, Versailles was their last gig^^
I will put them somewhere deep in my wardrobe,
because I am not able to throw them out.

Let's start 2nd concert era^^
With them:

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