piątek, 24 lutego 2012

Pink blouse, JLPT and Starbucks

So it is just one week!!!
I CAN NOT BELIEVE. OMG Is it even possible?!

Today when I came back home
two deliveries were waiting for me^_^

The first: one new Bodyline blouse <3

So many laces and frills *_*

The second one was the results of JLPT exam^^
Well, N4 was a little too easy for me...
but I have never expected that I will get 180/180 points O_o
I feel like Jareth sent some small goblins
to correct my test.
Okay Jareth... I know you love me, but this is ridiculous!
Who can even believe it O_o

It just reminded me about photos from the exam day^^
I forgot about them^^

I like this one^^

How to celebrate it?
Starbucks of course ^____^
Best idea for (every) Friday afternoon^^

And btw I saw so many glittering things in shops...
I need something glam!
A least something small^^ 

Song for today!!!
David Bowie -  Lady Grinning Soul
This man can not come from this world *_* 

3 komentarze:

  1. Gratuluję!
    Aaa pamiętam jak usypiałam na tych schodach na dworcu, kiedy po koncercie Gackta czekaliśmy na opóźniony pociąg xD

  2. Dziękuję^^
    Haha słyszałam już o tym opóźnionym pociągu XD
    Ja pamiętam, ze po Gacktie leżałam w szoku w hostelu przez parę godzin, i nie byłam w stanie nawet iść się umyć XD

  3. Śliczna koszula <3