środa, 8 lutego 2012

Ballet, Starbucks and new dress ^^

So amazing day with my sister <333
And we watched ballet.
Coppelia is one of my favourite ballet story <333
Maybe I will write next note about it ^^
This time I will only post what my sis showed me.

Is it even possible *____*
Watched it like 10 times at least *__*

Starbucks like always^^
Doesn't it look like Anonymous mask?
Starbucks is secretly against ACTA XD
Again so sinful XD

Huh? So what for they even have them O_o? 

And my Twinkle dreaming princess arrived today!!!

Ribbon lace^^


Finally my dream ring
with Tenniel's Alice <333

And me.
Just random pic
so sorry for no accessories etc 

I feel perfectly in it.
It suits me ideally and
it is the essence of my style.
Cute, but elegant
combining pink with black.
And it looks great without a petticoat <333
This dress was really made for me <333
Now I need to find something matching for my hair
(mini hat?)
to wear it on Kaya and Satsuki's concert <333

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