niedziela, 31 lipca 2011


I exchanged two Gackt's posters 
on my cupboard for ponies.
There is still a lot of Gackt left 
in my room of course!

sobota, 30 lipca 2011

Psycho Gothic Lolita

Finally I watched 
Gothic&Lolita Psycho.

Well I really hate gore movies.
There is nothing aesthetic in liters of blood, 
decapitated heads and other cheap effects like that.
But well I felt obligated to watch it...
so maybe I will skip writing about all this bloody moments
when I had to avert my eyes...

Let's try to concentrate on things that 
I liked in the movie.

The outfit that Yuki wears is not really my style,
but as always looking at loli makes me happy^^
Specially that Rina Akiyama who played main character
was really cute.

They even made Yuki's Pullip ^^

Take a look at this photoshoot.
Amazing background♥

Yuki put on Lolita clothes when 
she decided to take a revenge over
her mother's death.
Dressing a killer in lolita clothes 
seems really interesting. 
Lolita- expresses her innocent part.
A kind of girl she was before.
And gothic adds a dark aspect 
of her as a killer.

Her weapon is an... umbrella.
Yeah be afraid of Lolitas' umbrellas XD

Two of Yuki's enemies were specially

Elly wears school uniform and her hairstyle and behavior
can classify her as a part of gyaru culture.
She is just a perfect deadly school girl. 
(It reminded me a little of Kill Bill, but
without doubt Elly is much better!).
She speaks in a cute way 
and until the last minute of her life 
she does not stop 
a phone talk with her boyfriend.

It was really funny when during their first meeting
Yuki hid herself and 
Elly commented it:
I wonder if she's embarassed about her costume.
I should have taken a picture.

And she called her all the time
(a little ironical)
Gosu Rori-chan.

I could not resist a funny thought
that finally in a battle 
between gyaru and lolita
lolita has win ^^

Yuki's latest (and the worst) enemy
was a guy whose
outfit reminded my of the ones
that hosts wear^^ 
(Psycho lolita and
mad host XD)

środa, 27 lipca 2011

"Bears need people. People need bears."

When looking at photos on my disc today
I have found this cute pic of Mana with a Teddy bear.

And one of the cutest Gackt's pic♥

And Kaya

After it I decided to get to know more about
teddy bears' history in general. 

Probably most of you know
that Teddy Bears in a form we know them today
have been created in two different part of world.
On one site we have America with the story about Theodore Roosevelt
(thanks to him we call them teddy bears), who refused to kill 
an innocent bear.
On the other, there is Richard Steiff
with his company. 
More history you can read here
BTW Steiff bears are still produced
They remind me these old-school bears
from IW prints

These things were not new to me.
But I have no idea that the comeback of
bears'craze has started thanks to an actor Peter Bull
who declared his love for teddy bears
and write a book Bear with me.
Today it is called
The Teddy bear book.

Age simply doesn't enter into it! 
The older the friend, the more he is valued, 
particularly when he shows so visibly the characteristics that we all look for in friends. 
You have only to look at a genuine teddy's face to see at once the loyalty, 
common sense, and above all, dependability behind it.

There is so many quotes about Teddy bears.
They really moved me to tears.

Bears sleep by day. At night they stay awake to chase away bad dreams.
Jesse O'Neil 

Once a bear has been loved by a human being, its expression is forever marked.
Jama Kim Rattigan

Here is Niuniuś.
My first teddy bear.
I had three months when my grandma 
bought him.

「おやすみ おやすみ いつでも 隣のMyTeddy」 
Teddy -Vidoll's song
(Good night good night
my teddy who is always by my sight
you were my first friend)

An experienced Teddy Bear brings with him a lifetime of knowledge and experience; the wisdom of silence and the stillness in moments of great turmoil. The long-suffering patience that is learned when belonging to a child who is coming of age, and coping with the bewilderment that this period of time can bring, is what he does best. The experienced bear has seen life through the heart and eyes of a child grown to adulthood and perhaps even accompanied that adult all the way to the end of the road.
Ted Menton

It really made me into sentimental mood.
How about organizing Teddy Bears' picnic?
Do you know this old song?
Meta when creating Honey picnic print 
was probably inspired by it.

Let's make Teddy bear party! 

And a little out of topic
but just look at these sneakers! 
They are made by Adidas
in collaboration with Jeremy Scott

They cost..... around 450$ +shipping.
My heart is broken....

wtorek, 26 lipca 2011

All children, except one, grow up.

Today I will post my next dreamed piece of clothes.
I do not like the shape of dresses,
that is why I want the skirt.
(only in this color.
It is so unique♥).

Peter Pan inspired
Night Fairy Fantasia

This skirt motivated me
to read Peter Pan again.
After so many years.
I really enjoyed the book.

Like before I still (or even more) can't stand Wendy!
So irritating!
This quote can be an answer:
You need not be sorry for her. 
She was one of the kind that likes to grow up. 
In the end she grew up of her own free will a day quicker than the other girls.

Wendy decided to grow up.
You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? 
That's where I'll always love you, Peter Pan. That's where I'll be waiting.

She grew up
and left a place for Peter Pan only
in this really short moment
between the end of sleeping and waking up.
Like her father.
(from the movie)
-He's made many sacrifices for his family...and put away many dreams.
-Where did he put them?
-He put them in a drawer. 
And sometimes, late at night, we take them out and admire them. 
But it gets harder and harder to close the drawer.He does. And that is why he is brave.

Does it really mean to be brave?
Wendy did exactly the same. 
Her mother as well.
The only thing that was the sign 
of Mrs. Darling's Neverland
was this kiss in her mouth's right corner.
That is why she gave the kiss so freely to Peter Pan. 
Everybody was in love
with Peter Pan,
but then they just leave it for 
this short moment before waking up.

What about movie?
I liked the atmosphere.
Peter and Wendy were quite cute.
Btw I could not 
resist the thought about 
yaoi motif between Peter and Hack..
my spoiled mind...

And my favourite shot.
When boys were kidnapped and imprisoned by pirates
small Michael's bear was put on a chain as well.
Sorry for it.. but I have such soft spot for teddy bears... 

I have found a wall sticker
with Peter's shadow on ebay
After painting my wall 
I will buy it for sure♥ 

poniedziałek, 25 lipca 2011


My new rings bought on ebay♥

And my very casual outfit from today.
I was going out just for a while,
so I did not put any make-up.

niedziela, 24 lipca 2011

Fantasy of Iblard

Iblard Jikan is a rather unknown Ghibli anime.
It does not have any special plot 
and it is quite short.
It generally consists of 
paintings which show
some fantastic places.

Here are my three favourite ones.
All show a girl from the back.

sobota, 23 lipca 2011

On a motor^^

My friend took me on a ride today^^
I had to put on my only one pair of trousers...
Yes I know it looks funny,
but I really like these pics^^

piątek, 22 lipca 2011

Pink chandelier♥

Finally I bought my 
dreamed chandelier.
My room still has long way to go
to meet my requirements,
but thanks to this chandelier
it is at least a little closer♥ 

I want to be a jellyfish princess!

I do not remember 
when I watched all anime in one day.
Kuragehime is really absorbing.
I could not stop watching it.
What makes it so special?

1. Cute characters
Here we have cute... jellyfishes.
I did not know they can be cute, 
but they are!
here is Clara^^

Jellyfish dolls♥


2. Cute guy
He is definitely cute.
Thin with pale face and big eyes. 

What is more?
He dresses like a women^^
Let's skip my strange fantasies 
about dating a boy in a dress,
twinning in loli
or shopping together XD

He somehow made me think about
Ryohei from Megamasso^^
He would make perfect Kuronosuke.
He has cute face
and his daily clothes are quite girlish♥

3. Otaku girls
They are absolutely amazing.
I understand them perfectly well.
Maybe I like buying clothes and 
wear make-up every day,
but still I am just a self-conscious otaku girl XD

4. Clothes
They play important role in all story.
I do not mean only Kuronosuke's interest in fashion,
but all story about a jellyfish dress.
When Tsukimi was a child
her mother promised to make
her beautiful wedding dress 
which would look like a jellyfish.

If I got married 
(of course it is not possible-
otaku girls can marry oshare men
only in anime or drama)
I would wear jellyfish dress^^
Babyssb made collaboration with Kuragehime
and this is how all collection was created.
Jellyfish dress is a part of it.

In fact this
French Lolita outfit 
which Kuronosuke was wearing 
is quite cute as well.

And btw Lolita Fashion was mentioned^^
They had no idea
what pannier is^^
their expression XD

*came back to reading manga*