czwartek, 7 lipca 2011

Part 2: Sightseeing and Berlin loli meet-up

The concert's report will come tomorrow for sure.
But today some pics from Berlin and loli meet-up.
Let's start with my outfit from this day.
(I hate my expression here, but it shows outfit the best 
so I chose this one).
jsk, headbow: Babyssb
jacket: Kidsyoyo
bag: DOL
socks: Secret shop
shoes: Antaina
umbrella: KappAhl (on children department^^)
(my poor (fanplusfriend) petti is dead...
new one has just arrived...
a little too late... T.T)

Sightseeing in full lolita outfit was really crazy...
I do not remember getting so many attention..
and in fact almost all were very positive.
What was terrible?
Rain was accompanying us all the time...

There was also a small loli meet-up.
Unfortunately we had to come back early 
and I do not have a lot of photos T.T 
Anyway seeing other lolitas 
always makes me very happy^^

My non-lolita friends also attended the meet-up^^

Poor Yasiu... the only guy there XD
Seems confused XD

5 komentarzy:

  1. Cool! You r so cute hun! ; w ;

  2. ehm, i had a hard choice - which one XD hmm, my harem, as someone that day said XD

  3. Haha XD yes it was funnyXD