piątek, 15 lipca 2011

Current me

Latest read book: The picture of Dorian Gray 
(it is simply a masterpiece. I have already added it to my favourite books' list. I have rewritten five pages of quotes from it. I absolutely agree with this book's beauty definitions and many other things... it is all so true that I almost can not believe it. And it makes me think about the fact why I love Kamijo and why I would not love him if he were not exactly THIS Kamijo).

Latest watched movie: Dorian Gray (from 2009)
(it does not need any attention. They changed my favourite motif. Boring)

Currently watched anime: GOSICK
(I have started to watch it only because of main character's clothes and finished quite absorbed in it)

Currently listened album: Vandalism (Deluhi)

Current favourite album: Helios (Matenrou Opera)

Currently favourite song: A prayer to Helios (Matenrou Opera)

Current lover: Jin (from NEGA)

Current most wanted dress: Jewel tree bouquet OP (Babyssb)

My latest bought thing: Versailles ticket^^

Latest eaten thing: Cherry chocolate

Most expected things: new Pandora Heart's chapter, Gackt's concert and D's Blue Bird

Latest favourite activity: reading my own stories and making order in them

Latest biggest problem: how to spend Kamijo's birthday?

Latest most longing person: my poor Usakumya T.T she is still crying in Japan...

Latest cutest photo:
 (Mido-chin I will kidnap you one day *_*)

Eh I love holidays^^ I can waste time on writing such random things XD

Current mood: =^_^= =>.>= =<_<= =>.<=
Versailles ticket ^_______^

2 komentarze:

  1. Zgadzam się co do Doriana Graya, ta książka wywarła na mnie ogromne wrażenie. Musze kiedyś przeczytać ją znowu.

  2. Dokładnie. Ja się wprost nie mogłam nadziwić trafności tej książki w wielu sprawach^^