sobota, 9 lipca 2011

Chocolate and Lladia in red

Me and my friends went drinking chocolate.
In the beginning it was going to be chocolate beer,
but we finished with chocolate or ... at least some of us XD

Then my friend took me some photos.

This bear-shaped lamps were amazing♥
Where can I buy them?

And some pics in a garden.
This one is my favourite. 

(my bag was too heavy and
squashed the skirt a little..) 

My outfit:
skirt, T-shirt: Babyssb
headbow: Chantilly
bag: h.Naoto
socks: Secret shop
shoes: refuse to be usual 

And for the end sweet photos in... a fan.
We had fun taking them XD

5 komentarzy:

  1. Hey I love your Hairstyle :) Could you explain how to do it? It's really Cute!

  2. In fact I am wearing a wig here and I have just normal ponytails, but the endings aren't taken out from hairbands if you know what I mean.