niedziela, 11 maja 2014

Food, opera, symbolism and instagram

This is going to be a mixed post.
Maybe the last one. 
As I bought myself iPhone (she is called Anastazja :D )
 and started using Instagram
I will probably mostly use it for this kind of spam :)
Follow princess_lladia then :)

Last time posting cooking I promise.
Since now it all will go on Instagram!

Couscous balls
with vegetables

Eggplant casserole

To not look like a person
who only thinks about food (and clothes)
the pic of the book 
with my chapter about Lolita Fashion.
First time in the book!

And now two outfits.
This one is for the opera
The love for three oranges.
The adaption was not able to catch 
fairytale atmosphere,
but I still had fun.
Only fun I would add.
"Only" because the story about a prince
who goes on a journey to find three oranges
he fell in love with
has the much bigger potential!

This one was for the exhibition about Czech symbolism.
Matching dress, right:)

I was really excited for this exhibition.
It just made me think about the one I saw in Vienna
about Austrian symbolism.
Oh this was exactly where I met the painting
that attacked me so strongly I simply could not move.
I was almost terrified.
Still I can not look at this paining
(I mean postcard..)
for too long, because I finish completely out of tune.
Are you already curious?
Ok, it was Bernatzik's Eingang zum Paradeis.
Don't you know it?
Well, it is not famous or something.

Nothing special?
Well, just follow the way..
Follow it slowly, lose yourself there..
Still nothing?
Then maybe it is just me.

But I should be writing about the exhibition
about Czech symbolism...
I have not encountered Vienna deja vu, but
I dipped inside the fairytale world with Aquariuses,
wizards...but also death and dark figures.

Let's finish with Baudelaire's quote

At last my soul explodes! "Anywhere! Just so it is out of the world!"

OUT of the world.
Zum paradeis