sobota, 21 czerwca 2014

Fesitval of Science, Lolita outfits and dreamed ticket

Oh long time no posting,
but I was so busy
(Master thesis, exams...)
Just to keep this blog alive
I will post some pics
which I already showed on fbk or instagram.
Never mind :)

For the beginning: I participated
in the Festival of Science
together with other colleagues
from my Institute.
The aim was mostly to promote out institute.
All pics belong to KPSC.

Seimu was together with me.
In fact we both wore
matching cameos.

Other worth posting pics
are from my meeting with Meshya :)

This one outside
shows our outfits the best.

For the end I will
just post the pic of my dream.
Seems like it is possible to post the pic of a dream.
At least mine can be materialize that easy.

My flight ticket to Japan- bought :3
In September I will start my half-year scholarship
in Japan Foundation.
Busy preparing holidays before me.