wtorek, 27 marca 2012

New hat, pen and pony bracelet

Some new things^^
Finally I bought a hat (in Claire's). So happy <3

How do I look in it? I feel a little strange.

Lillie Charlotte looks cool ne ^.^

Pony bracelet <333
It is really small, but fortunately my wrists are thin (even too thin)

And pen ^^

poniedziałek, 26 marca 2012

Ponies from 1986

I just watched My Little Pony movie from 1986.
(I try to distract my attention from Bowie...
but nothing helps....)

The movie from my childhood ^^
I even have it on VHS!
But well... I have to admit that I did not like it so much
I expected I will be.
Ponies are cute, but the plot is not really creative
and humor is weak.
It can not be compared to newest ponies.
No, I am not disappointed.
When watching it I felt very clearly 
why I loved it so much as a child.


Ponies house

well... how many times I have imagined in my childhood that I am her...

She is so lucky XD

Riding/flying on ponies 

And one more thing... I just came with: Grundles.
Do not they look like.... goblins?

So people, goblins and ponies XD
Hahaha who read my blog regularly probably know what I mean.
I am laughing so hard... my stomach aches XD

niedziela, 25 marca 2012

The concert report, the interview and Kakusei Wave 1st

Today some links.
I have already posted it on facebook,
but for all who are not my fbk friends
I post it here:

Finally my report from Kaya and Satsuki's concert.
Well "report" is not a good word. It is way too emotional,
but I really can not write it in a different way.

And the interview. 
It is more like a talk than an interview,
because as I wrote before it was made spontaneously
almost without any preparation. 

And finally Kakusei Wave^^
I know that it is not perfect 
and we still need to improve a lot,
but I hope you will like it^^

My avatar is so cute, isn't it? ^.^

Orlando, Lolita Fashion and feminism

A few words about famous Orlando^^
As you probably remember Mana mentioned this character in one interview.
This is a story about Orlando who had been cursed 
by Queen Elizabeth I and lived 400 years and probably longer.

She's lived for 400 years and hardly aged a day; but, 
because this is England, everyone pretends not to notice. 

Queen Elizabeth I: [conferring the family estate upon Orlando] 
For you and for your heirs, Orlando: the house. 
Orlando: Your Majesty, I am forever... 
Queen Elizabeth I: But on one condition. Do not fade. Do not wither. Do not grow old. 

Orlando does not get old, but what is more interesting
he started his life as a man,
but then he turned into a women.

Same person. No difference at all... just a different sex. 

Nothing changes in him/her.
He/she is still the same person,
but everything around them changed. 
He has to behave in a different way, 
people treat her differently and she has different obligations and requires. 

Orlando: If I were a man... 
Shelmerdine: You? 
Orlando: I might choose not to risk my life for an uncertain cause. 
I might think that freedom won by death is not worth having. In fact... 
Shelmerdine: You might choose not to be a real man at all. Say, if I were a woman... 
Orlando: You? 
Shelmerdine: I might choose not to sacrifice my life caring for my children, 
nor my children's children, 
nor to drown anonymously in the milk of female kindness, 
but instead, say, to go abroad. Would I then be... 
Orlando: A real woman? 

I think that would be cool
to write an article about visual kei and feminism
or even better about feminism and Lolita Fashion!
(I will do it!
 Look for it in Kakusei Wave someday^^)

Maybe just a few words about feminism here.
Can a girl like me who loves frills, ponies etc.
and care so much about her appearance be a feminist?
Well maybe leave me behind -I am strange,
but generally speaking: can Lolita be a feminist?
Too all ignorant people:

(photo from tumblr) 

I would even say that wearing Lolita 
can be very feminist- specially in Japan.
Lolitas want to be independent 
and clothes are just a part of it.
Lolitas can be dolls, but they are dolls for themselves.
Going back to me:
lately on my lecture about a women in a society
we were asked if we are feminists
and I did not raise my hand. Why?
I am not a feminist, because I do not need to be.
I am such a conformist that I do not see a need to be a feminist
if I have never felt discriminated so far. 
What for should I bother my mind?
Do not try to understand my logic XD

(all screenshots are from the movie-
feast for the eyes- all this costumes<3)

sobota, 24 marca 2012

For once, there was an unknown land...

So finally I watched Velvet Goldmine- 
a movie which is freely based on David Bowie 
and some other glam rock stars.
I have to say that sometimes the movie is so mixed that 
I lost plot several times, but generally what I like the most about it
is the atmosphere of 70s.
I did not care about the plot in fact-
I just wanted to feel 70s for a while 
and after watching it I felt satisfied (for a moment)^^

For once, there was an unknown land, full of strange flowers and subtle perfumes; 
a land of which it is joy of all joys to dream; a land where all things are perfect and poisonous. 

I'm not really myself except in the midst of elegant crowds, in the heart of rich districts, 
amid sumptous ornamentation, palace hotels, army of servants, plush carpet under foot. 

Reporter: Brian! Why the make-up? 
Brian Slade: Why? Because rock and roll's a prostitute! It should be tarted up! 
Performed! The music is the mask, while I, in my chiffon and taff - well - varda the message! 

Main character is a former glam rock star Brian Slade
and his stage persona Maxwell Demond

(of course it refers to Bowie and Ziggy Stardust).
He was a perfect 70s idol. 
 He was elegance walking arm in arm with a lie. 
Listen, a real artist creates beautiful things and puts nothing of his own life into them, OK?
But Brian went too far. Too deep into dreaming.
Curt Wild: I dunno... I dunno. It got too big I guess. It got too schizold, you know?
 I mean he thought he was Maxwell Demond in the end, you know? 
And Maxwell Demond... he thought he was God. 

That is why Brian decided to resign
(is not it similar to Bowie's explanation?).
But of course he had to keep a performance until the end.
So he simulated his death on a stage.
Beautiful death covered in feathers and lights.

This movie does not have any special message.
Just like glam rock.
It was splendid, sparkling and over-the-top.
It was just the free play of imagination.
Just to stand out. Just for pure beauty. For nothing.
Beauty reveals everything because it expresses nothing. 

I just realized that by chance I was also wearing 
brocade- gold (and pink) outfit today^^
Somehow it works in my consciousnesses without my will XD

And this is out of topic,
but I am absolutely in love with how
my short meta socks (from Lolita Saint Nicholas Day)
look with shoes
so allow me to show them^^

wtorek, 20 marca 2012

Klaudia- not that bad name?

Spring is coming 
and today is my Name's Day^.^
I would prefer roses than tulips, but I will not complain.

At least I put roses in my hair.
Or rather two. Why two?
Because why should I put only one 
if I can two XD
(Sorry I just read The Tao of Pooh 
and my way of thinking is unnaturally straight-
Btw I really recommend this book!).

Some people can ask why I even talk about Name's Day
if I hate my name. 
Well lately I gradually stopped hating it.
I still think that the meaning of Claudia is stupid
(from latin: lame O_o), but I associate it with different things.
Is not Klaudia a perfect name for Lolita?
Is not Vampire Klaudia a perfect Lolita?
Dark and sweet?
Cute and deadly?

I will just use this occasion to post about 
something I look forward to^^
Graphic novel Interview with the Vampire
but from Claudia's perspective! 

So beautiful *.*

What Rice says about it?

What I look for in a movie or a book like this is the essence—baroque detail, 
sensuality, luxurious hair, faces that are intriguing and deep—and they got it here.

I just can not wait to November^^ 
Or rather I am happy to have such amazing thing to wait for!

I just checked what Internet says about Klaudia
and according to this site
Klaudias' meet good circumstances and thanks to it 
their youthful dreams can be fulfilled ^
Not that I really believe it, but at least you know what kind of wishes I want XP

poniedziałek, 19 marca 2012

Ponies are welcomed in Goblins' Kingdom

Today I found three ponies outside my castle.

They were a little frightened, but they got used to me quite quickly.
Together with ponies I found a letter.

After reading it all story was finally clear.

So nice of Red Elf to escort ponies to me ^^
Soon Goblins' Kingdom will become Ponies Kingdom ^^
But seems like Goblins does not care to share their space ^.^ 

If you find any homeless ponies make sure you will 
show them way to me ^.^

BTW my outfit from today.

My tights were dotted, but seems like it disappeared on the pic O_o
(so annoying... I love this tights!)

niedziela, 18 marca 2012

There is a woman at the begining of all great things.

I will show you a dress that does not allow me to sleep lately.
I absolutely fell in love with it...
It is from Surface Spell and
contains Alphonse Mucha's paintings.


Lately you can see a lot of painting prints,
but this is the only only one which made me "oh" to this point^.^

To love for the sake of being loved is human, But to love for the sake of loving is angelic.
-said Mucha and I have to say that my love to this dress is not angelic at all,
because loving is not enough for me,
I must buy it!!!

If you are not sure about paintings on the dress
there is Mucha's Times of Day

I love Art Nouveau for using contraries and decorations a lot.

Art Nouveau as at once homespun and exotic, literary and plastic, mystical and erotic, futurist and traditional, functional and fantastic.  It was a perfect illustration of the Hegelian system of contraries, extolled by Oscar Wilde, whereby an artistic truth is only valid if its opposite is equally true.  
(Challié 9)

Flowers on Mucha's painting are not needed in fact.
Paintings would look good without them and this is exactly the reason why they are here. 

We live in an age when unnecessary things are our only necessities
O.Wilde (yes again!)


So many awesome prints that I can not even choose my fav....

sobota, 17 marca 2012

Two coords and some shopping

Yesterday I took a walk with my mom^^
Here is me on Cracow's Market Square^^

And then some shopping^^
Sales in Claire's !!!
OMG how much I adore this shop *.*

Two crown rings in one *.*

And dotted tights ^^

And two turtle-neck blouses^^
I really love them combined in Lolita.

And here is a coord from today^^