czwartek, 8 marca 2012

Not really a report. Rather some thoughts about Kaya and Satsuki's concert and an interview

I do not know why I do not want to write it at all...
I usually enjoyed writing concerts reports, but this time I just force myself
or in other way I would never write it...
Probably it is because I feel very strongly that is is impossible to convey feelings by words...
When I try, it always sounds so cliche...
I will not even try this time.
I got tired by fighting with words....

The day started with a frantic look for a place 
to drink a coffee there...
I know it sounds stupid, but 
Big Days are always full of such annoying things. 
You then forget about them (or at least you try),
but they always happen. 
It can be cold and then too hot.
You feel hungry, but can not eat at all. 
And you need to wait for hours. 
No matter what reality is always just one step behind you. 

As I wrote yesterday the club was located in a gorgeous place:
in fact in the castle.
Walking around was a real pleasure,.
It was also in the very center so there was a lot of cafe
to spent time before the concert. 

Photos outside the club^^

Like always:
Kenroh with pipe and me with lollipop^^

With Elluin

An more:

And the full view on the castle^^
With Sophia <333

After 3p.m I went to talk with the organizer 
about the interview with artists.
In fact until the last moment I was not sure that 
I will have the chance to make an interview 
(we had problems with mails)
so I was not prepared.
Well, questions where prepared half an hour before the interview
in the Starbucks.... 
I also did not have any translator
(I did not want to take sb's time for nothing)
so when the guy from the Torpedo said me to wait a few minutes
for them I was shocked in the beginning,
but all of people there were so nice
that I found some courage inside. 
One guy said that he will help me with Japanese
if I had any problems, 
so I felt much more peaceful.
(In fact he only helped me with understanding 
Kays'a favourite perfume. 
Probably because he was French
and could not listen to Kaya's distorted version XD)

was really nice. 
He even took us a photo
and gave as a photo of Satsuki^^

Finally they both arrived.
Satsuki was looking quite cool and of course he had his sunglasses on.
Kaya was in the tour sweatshirt and... jeans!!!
At least his boots were quite female.
On his head he wore this well-known fur hat^^
He did not have any sunglasses.
I was touched by the thought how pretty 
he is without a make-up!
He has really big eyes and good complexion.
The only think that surprised me
was that his skin is much more darker.
Satsuki greeted us officially,
but the first thing I heard from Kaya was how kawaii I look^^

I must say it clearly:
Kaya is the cutest creature I have ever seen. 
His face expressions are something you want to 
look at without the end.
When I asked him about a beauty 
he was thinking for a longer while 
with putting his finger on his lips
and my first thought was:
You do not need to define beauty:
you are the beauty himself!
Generally all interview was quite informal and we laughed a lot.
In the beginning I was a little angry at myself
that I did not ask about the simplest things like
their newest projects, CDs etc
But in fact as I expected they were asked about it 
on other interviews so there is no problem^^
Mine interview is more free 
and I would call it kawaii XD
I ended it with saying Kaya about Lolitas in Poland.
He was shocked and happy to hear that this style is also worn in Poland.
In the end he praised my dress second time.
What can be better that being called kawaii by the most kawaii 
person walking on this planet?
Generally the interview was a fun 
and I am happy that the first one without a translator is behind me^^

The concert begun one hour too late, because they were
preparing special something for us^^
The stage was really small and low
and there was no barriers at all
so they were really close to us.
But in fact what seemed to be an advantage 
in the beginning turned into a disadvantage.
I was standing in the first row and when people were pushing 
stage's site was hurting me...(and I have bruises now...)
Okay no more complaints!

I will not write about the details from the concert
or about the songs, because I will contain it in a report for the radio
so this one will be only about my personal remarks. 

Kaya was playing first.
When he appeared on the stage in his black Lolita dress and bonnet
he was looking like a living doll.
I was just staring at him without being able to move. 
I was thinking about the quote from Oscar Wilde.
Beauty is more valuable than a wisdom.
Beauty needs no explanation.
It defends itself without any help.
You just look at it and you are lost. 
Beauty always wins.

Then music joined his ideal look
and I knew that there is no hope for me. 
I have no choice but to spend my life 
on looking for a beauty like this to admire.

The only nuisance was photos. 
I got a permission for taking photos
and this was distracting me a little. 
(I was taking photos with sb's camera O_o)
but in fact I took just a few so it is bearable.
This one is the best^^
Kaya with Polish flag^^
(hugs for girls from ST to prepare everything :*)

Best moment was when Kaya received a teddy bear*.*
How cute he was in this moment*.* 
No, no... I will skip it.. no sense of writing it.
Kaya is just an essence of cuteness. 
Queen of cuteness- I would say.

Then Satsuki arrived^^ 
But I was enjoying just a few minutes of his show,
because suddenly I felt like fainting....
I am so weak.
I did not eat and drink properly for two days
and my body is immediately weakened O_o
Call me strange, but I really perceive being weak
as cute and I do not hate myself for it.
People around me were so caring.
They were fanning me, proposing to bring me water etc.
Thank you dears^^
Kaya and Satsuki's fans are really nice people <333
I spent Satsuki's show sitting in the back with my sister
and drinking water.
Finally I was feeling perfect again and I could come back
to the front and enjoying the concert again^^
Yes, definitely the rest of the concert (when they played together)
was this sweet not-thinking state
when the world disappears and you are fully immersed in one special while^^
Hearing Satsuki signing You when playing piano
seemed like a dream.
I was charmed so much and my head was spinning
that I almost fell from the stage
after taking a photo of Satsuki. 

The concert ended so suddenly
that in fact I was standing there a little shocked
and could not believe that it really ended. 
So that is all? I will hear no more songs?
Are you kidding me?!

It was so difficult to wake up,
go to look at merchandise, talk with friends.
Is it really the end?!

Then we could take autographs 
and greeted with artists.
But the performance was over.
Satsuki was again a cool guy with a gentle smile
and Kaya was a cutest creature with big eyes.
But they were humans again.
The charm was broken.  
Until the next concert
when they will turn into some kind of
dramatis personae again. 

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  1. I have the same Satsuki Poster! > V <
    Yeees! Kaya was so cute and pervert a bit! XDD
    He flirted with fans, kissed them on the cheek and Lips too!!
    Satsuki was my favorite artist! He sang so well, ne? He is so beautiful too! Two sexy mens on Tour! */////*

  2. Nie mogę się doczekać tego wywiadu! I strasznie żałuję, że nie wracałam z wami, nie miałam z kim wspominać koncertu >.<
    Kaya jest piękny! ;____; nie mogłam się napatrzeć na niego.

  3. Fuyugirl: He was perverted, but only in the cutest way^^
    This concert was so amazing!

    Elluin: Nom szkoda... my nakręcałyśmy się w pociągu tak długo i bardzo, ze w końcu kazano nam być cicho XD