środa, 7 marca 2012

Poznan- day before the concert

I was going to write about the concert today,
but seems that I am still not able to...
So I will just write about the 1st day in Poznan^^

Dinner in McDonald's.... for Fluttershy <333

Then we went to Chinese restaurant 
and by chance I watched David Bowie's PV there *.*
Don't you think that I am too lucky O_o

We also visited the club Blue note^^
Such an amazing place ^^
The club is in a castle! 
Perfect place for an aristocrat like Kaya to play!!!

We look like ghosts^^

Inside the club^^

We found THIS!
The first sign that in THIS place THIS 
will really happen ^^
(or already happened...)


2 komentarze:

  1. Do u enjoy the concert?
    In Hamburg was it great too!! *__*
    Kaya was so cute and he flirts with so much girls! Satsuki show his naked upper body *A*

  2. Oh yes concert was amazing^_^ I just wrote some thoughts in the next post^^ Have you written your report? I would read it with pleasure^^